Friday, December 10, 2010

Magna Voltic MH OC Bio.

Magna Voltic

Parent: Vulcan VI (Descendants of the God of Fire)

Age: 16 human yrs old

Killer Style: Mostly I wear Hoodies and Jeans. I don't have much of a fashion style or sence since I usto go to a Private All-Magma School. I didn't ever have to worry about what I wear, and that attitude carried on after school. Guess that's my style, careless.

Freaky Flaw: I'm afraid of heights, which I don't like to admit since Volcanoes are pretty tall, everyone thinks it's silly - but I live in the Ocean by the Ring of fire, so I don't ever have to worry about falling off a volcano. Don't you dare laugh, I'll turn you to ashes!

Favorite color: Shades of Orange and black.

Favorite food: Anything spicy.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who drive and don't use turning signals.

Pet: My three-headed dog Cyrex.

BMFF: Caneo Volreous

Favorite school subject: Geology of course.

Least favorite subject: Nothing in particular, I like to be knowledgeable.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monster High OC Questionare

Fun activity from Monster-High-luv deviant group.

MH OC Catzi by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Catzilerella, or Catz for short.

2. Interesting... What's your current age?
16 in Monster years... I think Human yrs I'm about 64.

3. What's your favorite food?
Humanburgers or Dinosaur nuggets

4. And your favorite drink?

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Magna Voltic, I think we might be starting to go steady!

6. Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
Yes, Once.

7. Classic question! What's your favorite color?
Lavander, but I like all shades of purple.

8. Now what's your biggest fear?
I am peoples fear, there's not much out there that can scare me.
I guess a Nuclear bomb is pretty scary. I might get taken down with that.

9. Any siblings?
Two younger twin sisters.

10.Who's your hero?
My mother is pretty dang awesome!

11. Okay, who is your worst enemy?
I try not to make enemies, but I do have this one neighbor who usto be my best friend, until we hit middle school, turned into a raging water dragon and decided to mark me as a target. She started wanting to fight me for any reason, made up reasons. That's one of the good things about going to Monster High this year, no Illiara.

12. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
It wouldn't happen.

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
You mean the person who writes me to life? She's cool. She has the same name I do and makes me all sorts of clothes to wear.

14. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
I really don't know. I'm to young to settle on any one thing. I might be going into the movie industry, I know my dad would love that.

15. What's your worst nightmare?
A big black ball, so huge, bigger than me, bigger than you can imagine, just crushing me while I lay paralyzed in bed. It's a re-occuring nightmare, I don't know but it just scares me to death.

16. What's your lifelong dream?
To never loose sight of what makes me happy. Crushing Tiny people.

17. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
I make my dreams come true, everyday. So you can just say I'm living the dream.

18. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
At the top of the highest skyscraper in the world.

19. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Steping on people. For fun, on accident, or just cuz. It's what I do. I'm ok with being a monster. =]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cleo De Nile Meets Medusa ~Photostory

This is my first attempt at a photo bubble story. This picture set is one of my favorites and I have written a short story to go with it, although I haven't had a chance to transfer it over to my blog, (my computer has crashed a couple of times since I wrote it and I am to lazy to look for it on the back up files) if you are interested in a more full story you can follow my blog.
I'll have it posted eventually.















Thanks for looking and reading!

Caught in the Act - a Xmas story.

Written by Catzilerella

"I just don't understand why we should do this?" Clawdeen was not too thrilled about trowing a x-mas party.
"It's just for fun, don't be a party pooh, it's going to be killer good time! " Draculaura was so thrilled, "I'm certain this is how it's done, photos, cookies, mistletoes, Santa outfits..." she starts handing out red and white outfits trimmed with feather boas.
"You seriously don't think I"m going to wear this." Holt passes his oversized Santa suit outfit over to Frankie.
"This is too big for me, Holt" She skips over to the pile of x-mas outfits in the corner and starts to dig though for something fitting.
Everyone else is blankly staring at Draculaura hoping that this idea would be dropped. Besides Frankie and Laura no one else is the least bit excited for some human holiday themed party. Lagoona was Switzerland, and she just wanted everyone to have a good time.
"oh come on! Draculaura and I are going to get some x-mas lights and decorations, why don't you guys start putting up the wall paper for the photo set. Deuce, go find Big Luo, see if you can convince him to be Santa~"
Deuce scratches at the back of his head, "Who the heck is Big Luo?"
"Just look for the biggest Monster with the Roundest belly"
Deuce shrugs, Clawdeen gives a heavy sigh and Lagoona and Draculaura head off to get x-mas goods.
"Well If I have to put up with this holiday bore I'm going to make sure Cleo is here so I can at least have someone to poke fun at."
Before Holt could get a word out everyone had exited the building.
"VOLTAGE" Frankie shrieks and sparks fly everywhere.
"You ok back there?" Holt asks.
"Better than ok! I just found the cutest lil outfit" She holds it up for Holt to see.
"I'm going to put it on right now" She presses it against her body.
Holt raises an eyebrow, "Isn't it a little short?" Frankie blushes. "Alright well I"m going to step out so you can get changed."
"No Wait" Frankie pulls out another outfit. "I found this for you too!" She hands over a pair of red velvet highpants with feather boa trim and suspenders, some boots, a belt and a hat.
"Ok," says Holt hesitantly, "what about a top."
Frankie Blushes even more, her bolts feeling hot and ready to spark, "Well, there's isn't any, besides the santa coat Draculaura handed you earlier, I think you'll be ok without it. It'll look hot."
Holt gives a sly smile, "Alright, so, you take off your clothes I take off mine?"
Frankie fidgets nervously, her blots are pounding, there's a burning sensation right in the center of her chest. "You.. make. it.. " she gulps, "sound so mischievous"
Holt leans in close and wispers in her ear, "That's because it is."
Sparks start to fly. "Holt! We'll just turn our backs to each other and slip on the outfits, it'll be a quick change."
Holt turns his back and slowly starts to undress, "Alright, Alright, but don't you get too outa control over there, I know you'll want to take a peak, I'm just too hard to resist." He jokes.
"All done!" Frankie shouts.
Holt spins around dropping his shirt on the ground, "no way, how'd you..... Bahahaha~ Frankie! You a little too quick, you have it on backwards." Holt drops to the floor laughing.
Frankie's smile disappears as she looks down to herself. "Is it? but it was much easier to slip on this way. Are you sure?" Holt is still laughing on the floor, "Holt! IT's not funny. How am I supposed zip it up if the zipper goes on the back? I'd have to take my hand off to reach all the way up the back." Frankie starts to tear up. "Holt, it's not funny."
Realizing how sensitive FrankieStien has become, Holt stands up slowly and takes Frankie by the hand, "Here, Let me help."
He stands behind her, "Pull your arms out." and places his hands on her waist and turns the dress front side.
"How do you know it's backwards anyways?" Frankie asks.
"I'm a bit of a human, remember" Holt answers feeling the blood pumping hard through his veins.
"oh That's right.. .Jackson."
"Hey! Don't call me that!" Holt starts to get hot headed, raising his voice, "I AM NOT JACKSON!"
Startled Frankie Jumps forward, tripping over her own feet, causing her to fall foward face first, arm ripping at the seams as Holt had a tight grip on her. Realizing what was happening, Holt tries to catch Frankie on her way down, but failed. At that very moment Draculaura, and the rest of the gang walks in, squeeking and gasping at the sight of Holt with Frankie's arm in one hand and his other on her behind as she lay sprawled face down on the floor.
"Draculaura! This. Is. Not. what it looks like" Holt exclaims, realizing his hand is on Frankie's behind he quickly removes it and hands over Frankie's arm.
Frankie chimes in, "Really Draculaura, it's not what you think, he was just helping me ...get... dressed." She hesitated in finishing her sentence as she realized that no matter what it just sounded bad.
"I knew you thought my boyfriend was hot Frankie, but this ... this ... is so upsetting." She turns to Holt, "Obiously Frankie can't handle Freaky Rough, look how she just falls apart. When your ready for some real freaky fun, you come look for me, I won't tear to peices under the pressure"
She storms out trowing all the decorations on the floor. "Forget this stupid holiday party"
After a long silence Clawdeen trows her box of x-mas ornaments on the floor, "Whooooooo! No boring party!"
Cleo and Deuce do a dance, "We should have a monster Mash!" Exclaims Cleo.
Deuce Highfives Holt, "You guys had this planned didn't you?"
Holt and Frankie exchange a glance.
"No, it was just a misunderstanding, I'll have to go explain this to her, Holt you have to come with me."
Holt gives Deuce another High, "No, we didn't, but it worked out didn't it. Now I have to go mend some hearts."
Deuce shouts out as Frankie and Holt chase after Draculaura, "It shouldn't take much work, she's undead after all"
Cleo slaps Deuce over the head, "Is that why you let that new girl kiss you the other day? YOu think I'll just take it with a grain of salt because my heart is undead..." Cleo starts to grind her teeth as Deuce sweeps her into his arms, "Come on babe, you know your my one and only.." He kisses gently near her mouth, teasing her lips, ".. for at least the next five thousand yrs."
Cleo sighs as they both get dragged back into the planning of the Monster Ball.


I hope you enjoyed the story, it was just a quick write up I did... since the inspiration came to me with one of the photos from the set I took for the deviant art group, monster high adults contest.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The beginning of Catzilerella

Catzilerella has actually been around for yrs. When I came across the monster high dolls this summer I got so into it that I decide to write up a character based on my username. I think it's so purfect for this series.

I first saw the monster high dolls at target in June, but I didn't buy then right away since I was on the low cash end of the pool. I stood there admiring them for a long while though. I thought they were the coolest things since Harlequin Barbie. I did buy the plush dolls for my daughter (who at the time was 6months) She loves them. I got them for $5 a doll.. although recently I've seen the plush sell for almost $20. That's crazy.

When I got home I checked them out online and came across the monster high website, which didn't really have much at the time. I did love playing the matching cards game though. heheee
I saw all the webisodes and just fell in love with the series even more.
I became a bit obsessed. I started wighting up my own characters and short stories.
But by the time I had money to go buy the dolls they were sold out. Everywhere.
I went from store to store, and called around places but it was really bumming.
First doll I found was Draculaura. Then I found Frankie, Clawdeen and Lagoona, and lastly I found Cleo and DEuce. I was so thrilled to have the full set. I unboxed them all and quickly learned that they are just a joy to photograph.
I love taking pictures of my girls. I was also inspired to start sewing clothes for them, which I've tried sewing doll clothes before and hated it since I find it to be so tiny and tedious, but monster high keeps me motivated.
I ended up with a second set of dolls after I had a couple of defected ones loose their legs, I went crazy obsessed trying to find a whole set all over again. Eventually, I did fix my broken ones and decided to try my hand at custom work.
I'm still very amateur to it all, but I'm having so much fun.
I never thought "playing" with dolls would be so enjoyable.
I had been collecting barbies for a while, but kept them in their box as I planned to hand them to my daughter when she was old enough. Never did I think I could be so into dolls now.
Monster High really opened up the door to the doll hobby and not only that but wighting as well.
And so, Catzilerella was born into Monster High.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frankie Stein Baby

I'm all done with my daughters Frankie costume!
I just love love love how it turned out.
I actually made it twice since the first time around it came out just a bit tooo small for her. So I'll be listing the extra one on my etsy in case someone else might want to dress their infant as Frankie someday.
Originally I was going to go to party city and buy the Frankie Costume, but with the popularity of the series and being too close to halloween I just decided to put it together from scrap. I actually found some pretty nice plaid print at Joanns ON SALE!
So I bought extra. XD Good thing too since I had to make it twice. ^_^

I went through Gwendolyn's closet and thought this pink skirt jumper would work nice to draft my pattern. It did, but with me trying to work in a rush I didn't leave much seam allowance and so it turned out just a tad too small for her.

Second time around I knew I had it right, and got it done in a few hours.


I also used my surger for the first time. My neighbor was so sweet, donated me her old surger. I still need to do alot of learning with it, but the seam finishing I did with it was awesome.


After sewing the top and bottom together I worked on the tie. I didn't really have the right fabrics and I forgot to get some when I picked up the Plaid at Joanns, but I thought this remnant worked well.


Last thing I did was add the belt which is just a half belt sewed at the sides and only to the front.


I used some studs from an old belt, I was going to use the smaller studs, but I got too impatient and the biggerones I only had to add like three. lol


I also have alot of MH skulls from the boxes I saved thought to use one on the tie.

I just love my work on this! *squeek*



And now for the shoes!


She'll outgrow them soon and they've already got a bunch of scuff spots on them so I had no problem painting them. Although I wish I had some sand paper, the paint would of taken better and I might not have to have given it a bajillion coats. lol.
But I am running out of time so I just went for it.



Originally I was going to take the stiched up girls stockings and making a small pair for Gwen, but then I found a pair of white tights in her drawer and I just decided to draw on it myself and I like it better than the store bought ones.
They are really terrible quality.
I'm using a pair myself though, when I dress as the bride since I don't have white stockings and I already bought these crappy ones. XD


Since I repositioned some of the tape before paint instead of replacing it, paint did leak through to the black sides. nOuuuu!

I tried cleaning it up with goobegone

It does look better, but still you can notice some spill overs on the black.

In the end all I can say is that I LOVE IT!
and I"m excited for this weekend!


Here's Frankie with Gwen's shoes.
She approves. =p




Head on over to my Flickr for more Monster High Photos!

Now all I gota do is figure out my Bride wig!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

DC Halloween at Monster High

It all started with a random impulse idea to make Draculaura a Harley Quinn outfit for halloween. I've got tons of remnants and while cleaning out my fabric bin I decided I can put them to use making doll clothes. Only problem is, I'm not really crazy about making doll clothes. I'm not very good at it and I get easily frustrated working on such a tiny scale. At the same time I want to try to get better at it and that only happens by practicing.
I've had quite a few people ask about how I made the DC outifts and what patterns I used ect. And although I'm definitely not a pro at this, I want to share my experience and how I went about it and maybe it can help someone else.
(**IF you use this as a guide for your own super hero's, I"d appreciate a link back and I"d love to see your projects!
Thank you!

First off, I'm a huge vintage pattern and just a pattern collector, I've got file cabinets full of patterns for adults and kids. Maybe a couple of doll patterns.
So I find it useful to reference those patterns whenever I try to draw something on a smaller scale for a doll. This is not particularly easy and there really is no short cut. I draw out the pattern on a piece of paper over a trace sketch of my dolls body.
That way I can gauge about how big I need to draw the pattern. More likely than not, your first draw isn't going to be the purfect pattern, it's helpful to have cheap scrap fabric to test your pattern on. Or just have extra fabric.
THis is my original draw for the body suit pattern. It includes a sleeve, a collar and a front and back pattern piece for the body suit. It might look like the center hole there is for the neck but it's actually for the sleeve. So that one piece is a front AND back.
Now this pattern I drew did need adjustments, it was too big in the crotch and upper leg areas. YOu really just have to play with the pattern you draw until you get it they way you want it.
Keep in mind that different kinds of fabrics work differently with certain patterns. So say I wanted to make a Jeans jumpsuit, after adjusting this pattern for the right fit with stretch fabrics, it might not work the same for a fabric that's not so stretchy like jeans.

So after you have a pattern, you can cut it out.

Now I"m a self taught sewer and I had not idea that for stretchy fabrics it's best to use a stretch stitch until someone told me, so if your new to sewing or new to sewing stretchy stuff make sure you use a stretch stitch which in my case is #02.

First thing you want to sew is the front seam.
Then open it up.
This is what it looks like unfolded:

Then you want to add your sleeves. This is a tricky part. But it's much easier to add the sleeves before you close it up. IF you close it up first, or find that it's too hard to sew in the sleeves with the machine, as you have to work in a circular motion, that's ok, you can simply hand stitch the sleeves in place. I'd rather battle with the circular machine stiching as I find it easier since my hand stitching gets really messy when I'm impatient.

Since I'm working on red claw body suit, (which only has one sleeve) I'm ready to move on to the next step which is closing your body suit at the shoulder seams. Remeber to hem you your sleeves before stiching them closed.

After you do this step then you add in the collar, which I didn't take pictures of since Red Claw's suit doesn't have a collar.
YOu simply take your collar piece and fold it in half, you can stitch it together to help it stay in place. Put right sides together with the suit and stitch.

After you add in the collar you want to sew a bit of the back seam like this:

Then you fold your suit to match up your center seams. Front center seam touching back center seam and then sew up the legs, but remember to hem them first as it's much easier to do that.
When your done it should look like this.

Then turn it. YOu will need something to help you turn the fabric right side out.
I use this tool I found at Joanns a while back but you can use a seam ripper or a pin even to help you pull it along.

The last thing I do is sew in the Velcro after I've tried it on the doll to make sure it fits nicely. After making the last adjustments needed, Tadaa!
Super Villan!

For Riddler, for his pants I basically just cut two rectangles sewed them together diagnaly at a corner for the crotch then opened them up, hemed them, added a waist and sewed up the legs. I didn't take any pictures of this, so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense I can try to explain it better latter on. When I make pants for Duece as the Joker.

For the shirt I used Holt's shirt as a pattern.


This is my initial draw, again it's not purfect.


For the coat I used a barbie ken coat to reference for my pattern.
I had to play with the sleeves a few times before I finally got them to fit, they are still not right in this finished coat. Too tight and too short.
YOu just have to keep doing it till you get the pattern right, at least this is how I draw/draft... my patterns.


and here's the whole gang so far:

View more photos here:

This project is going to have to carry on past Halloween because it's around the corner and I still have other unfinished projects, not to mention my daughters Halloween costume. Frankie!