Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catz Journal -I’ll crush every bone in your body if your eyes are caught wandering through my Journal.

July 4
My friend Juliana Mcfly invited me over for a Fright-B-Que, but I wasn't feeling up for land activities so I told her I was going to hang out with a Siren friend, Crystaline, instead. I can tell she wasn't to thrilled. Who would be after being blown off. Especially a Mcfly, They get mad when you swat their ideas for fun to the side. I’ll be going to her land school this year and we’ll have plenty of time to hang out then, I’ll even be staying in a cave closer to shore. I figure she’ll get over it. So right now I just want to spend time with my home friends. Papa insists that this move is best for me so I can make more land contacts and have better opportunities, but really it’s just that papa wants to make a comeback in the movie industry. He was signed for a new movie coming out in a couple of yrs, an American remake, and they did not want to shoot it in Japan which is our closest land home.

July 18
I hung out with CRysta again and we snuck out to the Ring-Of-Fire to hang out with Caneo and Magna. Caneo and Crysta have been Bff’s forever. I’m not sure how they met but Crysta has mentioned a couple of times how he saved her life when she was captured by some barbaric sailors while trying to make them fall to their doom. Anyhow, highlight of my day is that I was able to hang out with Magna. He’s soo hot. Literally! I just fell head over when I saw him at a monsterous party in Rome. He is a descendant of Hercules. It’s no wonder he’s so strong, along with having the power to move mountains with is volcanic talents. *sighs* He’s so dreadfully dreamy with his straight light brown hair and his plain yet classy fashion. Crysta thinks I should ask him out since Caneo told her he doesn't think someone as monsterous as me would be interested in him. I don’t want to come off headstrong though and asking a guy out, that sounds desperate. I shouldn't have to ask guys out, they should all be groveling at my feet, not that I care for anyone but Magna.

July 22
Well I did it, we all met at the Central Pacific Burger joint and I just decided to get this over and done with and ask Magna out. But as I stomped over to greet them I stepped on a few small monsters and went tumbling down the stairs I didn't even notice since I was too concentrated on what I was going to say. Before I knew it I landed right on top of Magna and as I scrambled to get up I ended up stepping all over him (good thing he’s like a rock). I stood there waiting to be face to face without even realizing that he was still underneath me. I was so embarrassed. He pushed me off and I fell over again destroying the salad bar. Needless to say I went running out of there without looking . I didn't want to see the trail of destruction I was sure I was leaving behind.

July 30
After that last catastrophic burger joint event I didn't dare go out again. Crystaline phoned in a few times but I told papa to tell her I was out for a round the world swim – getting in shape for the swim Team for the new school. I don’t think she bought it as she knows I don’t like to go alone. I've just been sitting in here moping and watching The Munsters RE-runs. Herman is my favorite. When I heard papa talking to someone in the living room I didn't think anything of it. I was in for such a horrific surprise! I was so beyond shocked when I saw Magna standing behind Papa as he came to tell me I had company. OMG OMG! I jerked so suddenly I flipped back chair and all and once again I was in the face of embarrassment. Magna came to pull the chair off me and helped me up. He’s so strong – he picked me up like I was some delicate mummy’s wraps. Being nine feet tall and growing, My figure isn’t exactly monstermodel type. Turns out He’s into me after all and had Crystal calling so he can get ahold of me. *squeek* I should have answered the call after all. Now we have a date in a few days! I’m so excited! I really do need to go for a world swim now, I gota look my best.

Aug 4
There was a scary Good Storm on the local beach front and we decided to spend our date on land. It was so fantastic! The wind was monsterous, and the rain was so heavy! We went for a run on the beach without worry since no humans would be caught in this storm. Trees flew by us from time to time. I was almost hit in the head with one, but Magna caught it and then went to look for other ripped out trees and made the the most freakyfabulous Flower Tree Bouquet. IT was so sweet. It’s sitting in a jumbojar next to my desk right now. It smells so good too. After a while we decided to surf the deadly waves, it was a dreadful good time. The storm calmed down after a few hours and Bruce (my pet great white) swam up to shore, HE was just checking on me, but Magna thought it be fun to take him for a swim. It was Tow.Tuh. lee. Awesome!

Aug 15
Pretty soon we’ll be leaving for Salem where I’ll be going to school. Magna says He’ll visit me often so I’m thrilled about that. HE’s even going to talk to his dad about registering atMonsterHigh. Although he said not to be too optimistic about it since his dad is all strict about him going to an all Magma school. We’ve been hanging out almost every day. Even when we hang out with Caneo and Crysta we will wander off on our own and talk for hours. HE even held my hand a few times but he still hasn't kissed me and I’m starting to get self conscious about the fact that I’m a bit taller than him. Ok not a bit… A LOT. Maybe he’s not that into me, I do kinda just hover over him and who really likes that? I wish we could keep hanging out like this, but soon it’s back to school and studying and homework and all that un-fun stuff. I’m a bit nervous about the new school. I hope I can fit in, and I hope I’m not the tallest one there. I also hope they have a good theater department because papa says I have a flare for the arts and I, of course, believe him.

Aug 22
Today was the most wonderful day of my life! Magna took me to Witch Cove Steakhouse and it was freaky amazing. I scarfed down my whole plate in one bite, then I felt so monsterous I was almost embaressed but Magna did his best to glup down his food to make me feel better. He’s so creepy cute! After Dinner we went to a open area under sea park and watched a scary cool movie about the Lagoon Monster. HE told me about his freaky flaw, how like, when he gets nervous his hair turns to fire and if it’s really bad sometimes his hands will do the same. I noticed his hair start to light up a little as he was telling me. And thinking about our past times together, his hair sometimes twinkled a flame but I thought that was just normal for him. I didn’t know someone as hot as Magna could be nervous around little o’ me. I didn’t think the day could be any more sinister but just as we were saying goodbye his hair started to rise and before I realized his hair was on fire he leaned in for a kiss. It was so eerietastic! I was walking the fire and by the time I cooled down to reality he was gone. I will never forget this day. It was so threateningly awesome.

Aug 26

Been near Salem now for a few days. I’ve just been kinda bored, I don’t know anyone around here and Magna can’t come visit me until next month. Bruce and I go for swims and sometimes I go for a beach run or surf the waves. But so far nothing too interesting.

Sept 2
Went for a surf today and met another monster student. Lagoona Blue. She is so pretty and I’m totally jealous of how short she is. She’s a sea monster like me, so we had so much in common, besides the height thing. I want to be so tiny, then I could really feel delicate in Magna’s arms. She said the surf wasn’t totally dead, I had to agree. To many “grimlins” as she called them trying to learn how to surf. They needed to move out the way and make room for the pros. Lagoona is really good and she complimented my technique too so I was really flattered. She also invited me to the Maul later this week. I’m excited for that. I’ve never been to a western maul.

Sept 9
Went to the maul with Lagoona and we ran into Cleo De Nile. I’ve seen her around the school, she makes some freaky faces when I walk buy so I hadn’t tried talking to her. She was by herself so Lagoona invited her to come along with us and turns out she’s not so bad. You just have to put forth a greater effort to get to know her. She bought us lunch and even wanted to buy Lagoona some clothes. Most my clothes is custom made, by me or the top fashion designers of Japan, since most of the cute stuff doesn’t fit me too good. I do like going to the maul anyways to accessorize, but custom goods are where my interests lie. There is no designer out there that can say no to a custom item for me since they all know my dad all too well, especially the Japanese.

Sept 15
Lagoona took me to her secret little cove. I feel so evil honored. She says she takes no one there since most cant’ get to it, but since we are both excellent swimmers we can get there no problem. WE talked for a long time, she told me about her secret crush on Gil and I told her about Magna. It’s so great to have made at least one friend I can be so cool with. Juliana is still ignoring me at school. Guess I shouldn’t of blown her off three times in a row. She just bugs me sometimes but that’s what the McFly’s do. Lagoona tells me that Frankie Stien is super sweet and down to Earth along with Clawdeen and Draculaura. Which is cool, hopefully I’ll get to know them better as the school year goes along. I did hear Frankie singing some Lady gaga in the locker room after swim class and that music just makes my death ray go crazy. All the monsters are crazy about it, I just don’t get it, however I guess I don’t have to because sometimes I find myself singing along to the song on the fear-radio. I have to admit it’s catchy. Ugh.. I’ll only admit it here.

New Student: Catzi Lerella

Catzi Lerella
Monster Parent: Godzilla
Age: 16

Killer Style: Born and raised crushing the streets of Japan, I picked up on a few fashion trends.
I don’t like going anywhere without my killer Hello Kitty backpack (I’m a collector) or my Gloomy Bear chain purse which I like to hook on my belt (s). I don’t like wearing shoes, but since I have to for school, I like to go all out with shoes that make me stand out even more. If I have to put something on, might as well make it dramatic.

Freaky Flaw:
I’m kind of a klutz, and a lot of times I just don’t watch where I’m going, since I’m so huge-a-riffic, sometimes I step on people without realizing. Ooops!

Favorite Color: Shades of purple, mostly lavender.

Favorite Food: Humanburgers

Biggest Pet Peeve: Lady Gaga, her music is just so Unhorrific (too friendly and family oriented) it makes me shoot my powerful death ray of fire from my mouth. It’s so embarrassing.

Favorite activity: Swim Team because I’m just so good at it, but also love playing DDR and flying Freaky kites during the worse storms.

Pet: Bruce is my pet shark, although he’s one of the biggest Great White’s out there and much too big to carry around in my purse (like Lagoona does with Neptuna)., but he always meets me at the shore though for my swim home from school.

BMFF: I’m cool with everyMonster, unless they are not cool with me. Mostly though I chill with Lagoona Blue since we both love the water.

Favorite School Subject:
Theater, I have a flare for the arts. I take after my father, who’s made it big in the movie business.

Least Favorite School Subject: Math, I’m just not good with the Counts.


Monster High Catzi by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monster High - My New Obsession

monster high Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw these dolls at Target one day and just fell head over heels crazy over them! I looked it up online and registered for the sight. IT's just the coolest thing and I love the weekly webisodes! <3

I can't wait for the books, movies and tv series! I'm just soo back in Highschool with this toy line/series. I wish it was around for me then.
You can check out more at monsterhigh.com

AND You can read an excerpt from the book here:

By the time I went back to the store to start collecting these dolls (for Bunny^_~) They were all sold out! I hunted them down from target to target to toystore. But nothing, sold out evey where.
I did get Gweni the ragdolls though, she loves them since she likes pulling hair and that yarn hair just what it's for, for pulling. lol
I still need the clawdeen ragdoll. =p I want them all!
I could make my own as a few people have pointed out. lol
but I want the official MOnster dolls.
I just love it that much.

Here's a couple of my dolls, Clawdeen and Lagoona with Batman. =o


AFter a while my target restocked and I got my dolls~ hurrah!
I just need Cleo and Deuce which seem to be the least favorite of everyone.
Maybe because Cleo is the popular mean girl and Deuce is the popular hot guy that dates the popular mean girl and who ever likes those people in HS. LOL, but really I just love them all.

My favorite doll of the whole bunch is Frankie. <3

(ME and everyone else) LOL
She's like the main character and also just the coolest.
Frankenstein FTW!

They need to make a Ghoulia doll though!
The Zombie chick and the smartest girl in MH.

I'm just so excited for this series!

So with Halloween around the corner Guess what!
WE are going to be The Stiens!
And Bunny will be Frankie!
I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I'm excited to work on it.

I"d been debating all this time what we should do for Halloween and I was down to doing a Zoolander thing (since it's Rich's fav movie) but this will actually be easier and I like dressing as classic monsters for Halloween! IT's the best.