Friday, August 20, 2010

Monster High - My New Obsession

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I saw these dolls at Target one day and just fell head over heels crazy over them! I looked it up online and registered for the sight. IT's just the coolest thing and I love the weekly webisodes! <3

I can't wait for the books, movies and tv series! I'm just soo back in Highschool with this toy line/series. I wish it was around for me then.
You can check out more at

AND You can read an excerpt from the book here:

By the time I went back to the store to start collecting these dolls (for Bunny^_~) They were all sold out! I hunted them down from target to target to toystore. But nothing, sold out evey where.
I did get Gweni the ragdolls though, she loves them since she likes pulling hair and that yarn hair just what it's for, for pulling. lol
I still need the clawdeen ragdoll. =p I want them all!
I could make my own as a few people have pointed out. lol
but I want the official MOnster dolls.
I just love it that much.

Here's a couple of my dolls, Clawdeen and Lagoona with Batman. =o


AFter a while my target restocked and I got my dolls~ hurrah!
I just need Cleo and Deuce which seem to be the least favorite of everyone.
Maybe because Cleo is the popular mean girl and Deuce is the popular hot guy that dates the popular mean girl and who ever likes those people in HS. LOL, but really I just love them all.

My favorite doll of the whole bunch is Frankie. <3

(ME and everyone else) LOL
She's like the main character and also just the coolest.
Frankenstein FTW!

They need to make a Ghoulia doll though!
The Zombie chick and the smartest girl in MH.

I'm just so excited for this series!

So with Halloween around the corner Guess what!
WE are going to be The Stiens!
And Bunny will be Frankie!
I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I'm excited to work on it.

I"d been debating all this time what we should do for Halloween and I was down to doing a Zoolander thing (since it's Rich's fav movie) but this will actually be easier and I like dressing as classic monsters for Halloween! IT's the best.

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