Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Student: Catzi Lerella

Catzi Lerella
Monster Parent: Godzilla
Age: 16

Killer Style: Born and raised crushing the streets of Japan, I picked up on a few fashion trends.
I don’t like going anywhere without my killer Hello Kitty backpack (I’m a collector) or my Gloomy Bear chain purse which I like to hook on my belt (s). I don’t like wearing shoes, but since I have to for school, I like to go all out with shoes that make me stand out even more. If I have to put something on, might as well make it dramatic.

Freaky Flaw:
I’m kind of a klutz, and a lot of times I just don’t watch where I’m going, since I’m so huge-a-riffic, sometimes I step on people without realizing. Ooops!

Favorite Color: Shades of purple, mostly lavender.

Favorite Food: Humanburgers

Biggest Pet Peeve: Lady Gaga, her music is just so Unhorrific (too friendly and family oriented) it makes me shoot my powerful death ray of fire from my mouth. It’s so embarrassing.

Favorite activity: Swim Team because I’m just so good at it, but also love playing DDR and flying Freaky kites during the worse storms.

Pet: Bruce is my pet shark, although he’s one of the biggest Great White’s out there and much too big to carry around in my purse (like Lagoona does with Neptuna)., but he always meets me at the shore though for my swim home from school.

BMFF: I’m cool with everyMonster, unless they are not cool with me. Mostly though I chill with Lagoona Blue since we both love the water.

Favorite School Subject:
Theater, I have a flare for the arts. I take after my father, who’s made it big in the movie business.

Least Favorite School Subject: Math, I’m just not good with the Counts.


Monster High Catzi by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

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