Thursday, September 9, 2010

Defect Legs FIX

I was going to return the dolls and try to get them replaced, but every local store here is sold out, and I would much rather have the dolls than my money back.
I hope this defect is fixed for future dolls.

I went ahead and tried fixing them myself. I just used some elastic that I've had for a while, and probably not the best. I used two different kinds. The one I used on Lagoona is a lot thinner (close to, if not the thinnest elastic you can get) and the one for Frankie is closer to the width that the dolls aready had which is about 1/4 in.

I didn't think to look into tutorials on restringing until it was brought to my attention after I had already attempted to fix them. I think my attempt was pretty good though, they now have their legs again. Lagoona's legs are more loose than Frankie's, probably because of the thin elastic.
Either way it worked and I was happy with it. I don't know how good I am at explaining this, but I did take several pictures and I hope this comes in handy for someone else who has this problem.
This link was shared with me (honestly I didn't really read it - since I had already fixed mine) but I've been told it is a really good explanation on restringing.

Basicly what I did was take some elastic, string it through one leg loop and knotted it, leaving two long ends, which I then slid through the body and strung it to the other leg loop. I pulled it as tight as I could with the leg in place and the elastic sticking out, knotted it as tight as I could and then cut the excess elastic off and let it pull back into place.
I hope the pictures explain it better than I just tried to.
I used a seam ripper and a curved quilting needle to help in getting the elastic through the legs.
Getting the elastic through the body is not so easy. I used a needle and thread to help get it through.

Here are my dolls, legs missing and all. =[
They just fell off while I was undressing them - so random. I had undressed them before.
I started with Lagoona, used the thinner elastic here and it was much easier to get through the loops.
I knotted it.
Then strung it through the body. Thin elastic was not to hard to get through. NOtice there are two tails of elastic.
I take the longer elastic peice and loop it through the second leg. (I looped it twice since it was thin.)
Then I pulled the elastic tight until her leg came into place, once it was there I pulled on both elastic pieces tight as I could and then knotted it.
After knotting I let it go back into place- This is what it looks like with the elastic tails before being trimmed.
Cut the tails and tada! Fixed. XD
Looks good to me.
Her legs are not as tight as the manufactured stringing. If I had used a thicker elastic (about 1/4in) it would of been just as good. Still it works.

For Frankie I used a 1/2' Elastic cut in half. HOlds the legs better than the elastic I used for Lagoona. When I find the right elastic I'll eventually string them again.
My mind is boggled as to Why Frankie lost her leg. Lagoona's Elastic busted, but Frankie's was in tact. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the Loop is in tact. I had also dressed and undressed her a few times and it wasn't until weeks later that her leg just fell off when I was changing her outift. Bummer.
So because I went ghetto with this experiment I used Elastic that I cut and so there is lots of fraying, and I'll have to replace it anyway later on, but at least now I know I can do it.
Thicker elastic is much harder to get through the loops. I cut the edges of the elastic into a point to make it easier to manipulate through the leg. You still need a needle or seam ripper or something to help you get it out.

For Frankie I did some stiching instead of knotting on the first leg.

This thicker elastic won't just fit through the body, I used thread and needle to help it along.

One tail of elastic at a time. It's hard to get them both through together.


After you get it through, I did the same thing as before, pulled on the elastic to get the leg into place, once it was there I pulled on both elastic tails tight, knotted it, cut off the excess and let it go back to place.
All fixed. You can't even tell. ^_~
The thicker elastic works better. Frankie's legs are like new.
Now it's time for a boil perm. xD

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful to anyone who might have this problem.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Major DOll DEfect~

Well I've had my dolls for a good while now, and I have been dressing and undressing them every so often when I make some clothes or find some other doll clothes to fit them with.
And suddenly today, I lost some legs. Right when I had made them some cute stuff too, (I'm geting better at this itty bitty sewing)

Both Lagoona Blue and Frankie Stein Lost their limbs today and not the ones that you can put back on.
I don't know how to fix it, I think I"m going to have to return them.
Lagoona looks like the elastic holding the legs together busted on one side, I don't know how this would of happened, it's not like I'm yanking her legs like crazy.
The elastic on FRankie though, doesn't even look busted at all, so I don't know what happened there. It just fell off.

I checked all my other dolls and they all seemed ok, although it kinda looked like Cleo's elastic was sorta on the bust. I hope not. ugh.. So disappointing.
Anyone else out there having this problem? IT just seems crazy that both my dolls lost their legs today.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monster High by Lisi Harrison - BOOK REVIEW


Monster high starts with a fashion doll line by Mattel who’s jumping on the trend of freaky monster obsessions like vampires and werewolves which has taken over books and movies and turning it into something acceptable for the preteens. Although this is aimed for that tween age range, being well.. As old as I am., I find it really enjoyable.

My husband asked me the other day how It is that I came to be so into this series, since I saw the dolls stocked at target in July that’s how. Mattel is going full out with Monster High. Costumes this Halloween stocked at party city, even youth apparel that is already out in stores for tweens to pick up along with accessories. I’ve already bought myself a clutch purse. Which is really terrible quality, I hate the way it feels, the pleather is just ewww.. It doesn’t feel like a real clutch purse- but something just to use for “pretend”. Either way I bought it because that is how much I love MH.
When I learned that a series of books were on their way out, well I was all over it.

I found a excerpt on line and read the first four chapters. I have to be honest. I wans’t crazy about it. I had this idea in my head based on the webisodes I had seen over and over online just dying to see more, I was kinda disappointed to learn that Frankie was new to a “normal” high school, and one of the main characters in the book is Melody - some Normie. I thought it was kinda lame. What about Cleo, Draculaura and the other monsters? Regardless of the fact that IMO this sounded lame, I already knew I was going to buy the book anyways. Sept 1st rolled around and as I was out on a walk through town I remembered that MH was released in stores this day, so I walked into Barnes and Nobles and bought the book, took it home and in a few hours time I was done.

Very easy read and surprisingly very good. Come chapter 10 I practically couldn’t put the book down. Once Cleo and the others were introduced I was hooked. Even though they were going to this human school and I thought it was very lame that they were ‘hidding’ their true self because of the start of horror movies and this uprising from the normies in the 30’s who started to think monsters were a danger, the story definitely started to fall together really nicely. I wasn’t too crazy about how one chapter it was Melody’s story time, the next was Frankies, but it worked.
I think if I was a preteen I would be even more crazy about it. I ended the book with a greater thirst for the series. I have to say that I just can’t wait till the next one comes out. It’s like the Sookie Sackhouse novles for the 12yr old inside me - I just can’t wait to read more.

Frankie and Melody are the main roles in the book, both new to the school Merston High which is a nice word play of Monster High. Melody is finally the “pretty girl” after having a new fabulous nose, who still only wants to be accepted for who she is and NOT for how she looks. Frankie is shy and mostly distant since she had her heart crushed as her parents taught her a hard lesson. Frankie really believed people would accept her for who she is stitches, green skin and all. It was a hit to her pride for her to face the reality that she is a MONSTER.
Frankie’s lesson learning caused a commotion among the normies as the community started to panic about monster sightings, and Melody’s potential threat as the pretty girl causes other girls to be jealous and drama that leads to a very risky exposure of the one boy she cares about.
Frankie’s “I started this, so I will end it attitude” takes the normie monster panic notch in the direction that isn’t at all what she had hopped for. The book ends with a set up that makes me that much more exited for the next book.
Way to go Lisi Harrison, you’ve made me a believer, I might even pick up her popular series The clique on a boring day. Great wrighter, good book, I’m sold.