Monday, November 29, 2010

The beginning of Catzilerella

Catzilerella has actually been around for yrs. When I came across the monster high dolls this summer I got so into it that I decide to write up a character based on my username. I think it's so purfect for this series.

I first saw the monster high dolls at target in June, but I didn't buy then right away since I was on the low cash end of the pool. I stood there admiring them for a long while though. I thought they were the coolest things since Harlequin Barbie. I did buy the plush dolls for my daughter (who at the time was 6months) She loves them. I got them for $5 a doll.. although recently I've seen the plush sell for almost $20. That's crazy.

When I got home I checked them out online and came across the monster high website, which didn't really have much at the time. I did love playing the matching cards game though. heheee
I saw all the webisodes and just fell in love with the series even more.
I became a bit obsessed. I started wighting up my own characters and short stories.
But by the time I had money to go buy the dolls they were sold out. Everywhere.
I went from store to store, and called around places but it was really bumming.
First doll I found was Draculaura. Then I found Frankie, Clawdeen and Lagoona, and lastly I found Cleo and DEuce. I was so thrilled to have the full set. I unboxed them all and quickly learned that they are just a joy to photograph.
I love taking pictures of my girls. I was also inspired to start sewing clothes for them, which I've tried sewing doll clothes before and hated it since I find it to be so tiny and tedious, but monster high keeps me motivated.
I ended up with a second set of dolls after I had a couple of defected ones loose their legs, I went crazy obsessed trying to find a whole set all over again. Eventually, I did fix my broken ones and decided to try my hand at custom work.
I'm still very amateur to it all, but I'm having so much fun.
I never thought "playing" with dolls would be so enjoyable.
I had been collecting barbies for a while, but kept them in their box as I planned to hand them to my daughter when she was old enough. Never did I think I could be so into dolls now.
Monster High really opened up the door to the doll hobby and not only that but wighting as well.
And so, Catzilerella was born into Monster High.


  1. Harlequin Barbie? I had no idea this excisted? Do you have a link to where I can buy this?

  2. hehe I"m sure you can find them on ebay or amazon.
    I haven't seen them in the toy stores in a while, usually only during the holidays.