Monday, December 12, 2011

Manster Auctions - The awkward date

continued from here


I hesitantly dump the money in the urchin bowl on Blue's table. I'm going to pay Laura back even if Gojira kills me.

"So your the lucky girl" I recognize the pompous tone as Logans and respond without looking back at him.
"More like I'm out 1500$ bucks." I start to head for my bag and sweater at a lone table near the one of the exists, quickly looking back to see if Logan was following only to find that he was not. He was standing there looking at me wondering what he could of done to deserve such a cold remark.
I half roll my eyes and skim through my phone as if I had something important to look at, then decide to walk back.

"Sorry, that was rude, I just... was kinda pressured into this whole thing. It was a bad idea, you know, we don't have to do anything." I ramble on. He lifts one of his eyebrows giving me a curious look which also made him look so darn cute. URGH.
"What do you mean? You paid good money, I should do something, What about a movie?"
I look past Logan to see Mei collecting all her mansters, pulling Drake along like a puppet.
I put on a smiling face and let out a gentle giggle as the group walks past,
"Love it! Logan your so sweet!" I chirp loudly, trowing my arms around Logan and giving him a good exaggerated hug. The look on Mei's face was enough to make this whole thing worth it, I just want her to be jealous, even if it was just for a second. Though the look of resentment flashed across her face the whole walk out the door. A real grin creeped out my lips as I continued to hang on Logan who out of a stroke of luck was also smiling!

"wow, I didn't think anyone would be so excited about a movie?" He asks as I pull away feeling slightly embarrassed.
"Well you know! I just love a good movie" I trow my hands together and do a lil wiggle trying to keep up the enthusiasm.
He lets out a gently giggle, "I see."
I can feel myself start to turn red, and was relieved to feel my phone vibrating on my wrist so I'd have a reason to tune out. I always have my phone in my hand, and for my B-day one of my good friends made me this kawaii stretchy cellphone band with several cute food charms on it. Made my phone carrying much more convenient. Now I just wear it as a bracelet.

Draculaura: I saw that!!!
Me: What?
Draculaura: Your blushing!
Me: shuuussssshhhhhhhh

I quickly try to fluff my pigtails, my phone charms tangling in my locks. I have a tendency to play with my hair when I feel nervous, though having a phone with a ton of charms as a bracelet makes it a bad idea.

"You need some help?" Logan asks.
"Nope, just... fixing my hair" I let out a high strung giggle, setting my phone down after freeing it from the hair and wrapping my pigtails up into buns "There."

He smiles at me as I head over to my stuff,
"So, this weekend then? Friday sounds good?" He asks following.
"um.. Yeah, sure." I say sliding my loose locks behind my fin ears, a few strands sliding back towards my face as I sling my bag on my shoulder.
"We can meet right after school" I say, and he nods.
There's an awkward silence between us as we both stand there for a moment. I was avoiding eye contact, though I could feel he was looking right at me, maybe waiting for me to look him in the eye.
"Sounds good" He says, and just as my eyes finally meet his, he flashes me a charming smile, that could of melted hearts miles away.
I could feel myself floating off into lala land, Oh stop it CAtzi! Get a grip! I think to myself heading off to my next class.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Manster Auctions - Save the Seahorses

This is a fanfic I wrote inspired by MHScreamQueen's 'Date with DRaculogan' Contest.

Also inspired by a show on the National GEo channel I watched the other day - which covered conserving the Seahorse species and their ecosystem.

OC Characters mentioned or used:


"Hey Mate" Lagoona waves me down from across the creepateria.
She mentioned something about hosting an event during Lunch today, something about saving Seahorses. It all went in one ear and out the other, too distracted with the fact that just yesterday I was dumped, at least that's the negative perspective, but there's nothing fun about a break up. Honestly I didn't think I'd be giving the whole situation any second thoughts, it's not like I was feeling to into the relationship myself. Then again, we only gave it about a week. I didn't think I had to feel serious about it. I was just having fun, I thought he was too. I guess my spirit is a little broken, but I'm keeping my head high and struting down to Blue's table.

"Hey Ghoul, What's going on?"
I scan her booth, trying to quickly get up to date on the event.
"I told you! Manster Auction, just trying to save the sea, one speices and ecosystem at a time!"
She boosts,
"Yeah" I nod, "The seahorses"
"Right Mate, Sadly the Seahorse is not officially listed on the endangered species list because of the human popularity in the hobby and medicine industries, but at least there are some groups out there trying to conserve the nature of these magnificent creatures, and today we are here to help by raising money to contribute and show our support"
I nod again, going over the names on the participant list. I notice Paxtons name was on there. That Goof ! No one's going to bid on him. I've known him since we were kids, we live in the same waters. His Dad works for some silly dark lord named Zed who thinks he can take over the world. Oh Evil-doers! I don't understand the need to take over this dirt planet. When people get on my nerves I just grow a few meters and step on them, but I definitely don't think that classifies me as some super adversary. I"m just a monster, and I want to do what I want, when I want - like most people anyways, they only difference is that if anyone gets in my way, I will really crush them. I start to smile.
"See a name on there you like? Perhaps one that starts with the letter L" Draculaura was holding a sign over her head with a picture of her cousin Logan. I can't help but roll my eyes as she begins to chimney the sign in my direction.
"You know you want a date with Logan!" She playfully bumps her hip into me as she dances across.

"OH yesss!" I start with sarcasm, "Just dying for that cold kiss" I say with the least amount of enthusiasm I can manage.
Blue makes her way around the table, patting Laura on the shoulders, "Your creeping to the wrong Ghoul, CAtzi has a hot Manster of her own. He's the talk of the girls Swimteam!" She goes over her list, "I'm so surprised he's not listed here"
"Who" Laura asks taking a look at the list herself.
"Drake Mann" Blue continued looking over to me and winking, "Keeping him all to yourself eh?"

I hadn't told any of my ghoulsfriends that our relationship came to a quick end, I can feel my cheeks turning red.
"Gil told me you guys started going steady - that's so sweet"
So much for news traveling fast,
"No, ... um.. I... well. We ...were, but-"
Suddenly Laura is right up at my waist giving me a squinted look.
"What?" I say with a slight forced smile, I'm really starting to feel awkward here.
"So now your not?! and you think your too up there to buy a date with my cousin? Not even for the greater good?!"
I take a step back, confused, "what?! up where?" Was she making a tall joke? Maybe I offended her with my sarcasm earlier, but really. She parades around her cousin like he's the best thing that happened to monster high. Not to mention Logans older brother was some kind of Monster High star when he was coming here. It's not like we haven't heard enough about Draculaura's family. Everyone thinks he's just this purfect guy but he was totally rude when I ran into him at the maul one day.

I was doing some shoe shopping, which I tend to do a lot of with my heavy stomping, I need new shoes at least every two weeks. Lagoona and I were getting dehydrated so we stopped for a drink at the coffee bean. She had to take a break in a hydration chamber, but I went on to order drinks and food. While I was waiting for my order to be served, I noticed Logan walk in with his buds. He was walking in my direction so I decided to wave and just as he was approaching me I started to greet him, with hellos, and how are you, but I was practically talking to myself as he pretty much just looked right through me. I'm a pretty big girl to look through so I guess I took quite a bit of offence, especially after he stopped to talk to Lagoona as she emerged from the water rooms.

"Calm down Ula" Frankie Joins in.
"Ya, it's not like he's the only guy in the Auction" Clawdeen finishes. "Plus, Clawd is a much better buy, he won't try to suck your blood" she mumbles the last part to me as Laura was already showing that she didn't appreciate Clawdeens comments.
I think Clawdeen does a good job at masking the fact that she's not really all that crazy about Laura dating her brother and the idea of outbidding Draculaura on Clawd was entertaining me, but I tried to hold back my smirks.

"So, wait, You and Drake Broke up?" Frankie asks making a pouty face. Great. I thought we were off this subject, I nod to confirm their suspicions and become overwhelmed with oohs and awwws.

"What? I though you guys were so cute together" Chimes Clawdeen.
The smile I was forcing starts to fade,
"What happened?" Laura was suddenly concerned.
I shrug my shoulders,
"I don't know. I. ... Guess. I. We didn't really click-"

I didn't want to go into details, because well, there were none. I mean it just happened this way and I don't know why and I don't feel like trying to figure out why plus,
"We're still friends" I finish.
Or maybe because I weigh a few tons, and I'm crazy tall, and I have bad atomic breath that I can't always control. ... I think to myself feeling my self-esteem going down the drain.

"Good, cuz here he comes" Says Frankie.
I turn around to see Drake entering the creepateria with Mei following closely behind. She notices me and starts to hang all over his arm. I clench my jaw, but try hard not to let it show that her exaggerated affections were bothering me.
"Rub it in why don't you" Clawdeen mutters, as we watch the couple take a seat at a table near the creepateria stage. Drake spots me and gives a slight wave. I nod my head in acknowledgement sporting a weak smile.

"ARGHHH! That Sea Witch! Did you see what she did there?" Clawdeen continues to grumble.
I shrug my shoulders yet again and slump down into a chair behind Blue's Save the Seahorses booth, "It's not a big deal. Really."

"Uh-Huh" Laura gives me a blank stare, " I saw your heart sink as she threw herself all over him" The others nod.
I sigh, "It's like ... whatever, you know. You can't always win"
"Yes you can!" Exclaims Laura, "Just outbit everyone on Logan"
I roll my eyes again,
"Why are you so against my cousin?"

Well no, I wouldn't really tell her why I'm against her cousin, she would think I'm over exaggerating, that there's some logical explanation as to why he blew me off that day at the maul- I'd sure love to hear it, if he could even remember.

"It's not that I"m against him," I say grabbing the list from Blue, "It's just... There's tons of guys here to choose from"

"Teachers too" Blue points out, "Mr. Wize in particular" She nudges me and I start to Blush.


"NO!" I exclaim, trying to get out of the spotlight, "I mean he's goodlooking for an old guy,"
"Not to mention his Rocking body" Clawdeen adds, and we all giggle.
"but isn't that just akward, going on a date with a teacher?!" I ask,

"Well it doesn't have to be a date. You could make him carry your books all week or make him wear something funky. I mean whoever you bid on, it doesn't have to be an akward date. Just something fun" Blue quickly explains before making her way over to the stage where Bloodgood is getting ready to make an introductory speech.
Draculaura takes a seat next to me, "Its true that he's not the only one on there, but lets face it, he's the most popular. If you want to get under Drakes' skin, OR better Mei's skin, Logan is the guy to bid on" She nods at me as I grumble, I don't want to get under his skin I think looking over at Mei who had her hand on Drakes Leg flashing a venomous look back at me. But maybe I do want to get under her skin. I let out a long sigh, "That just seems childish" I say. She gives a cute Humph sound and a slight shrug before jumping to her feet and moving closer to the stage.
My phone vibrates to notify me of a new text, It's Paxton.

Paxton: Hey, Can you bid on me?
Catzilerella: LOLOL Why are you up there?
Paxton: Come on! I gota go for at least $100
Catzilerella: What makes you think I have that kind of money.
Paxton: Because your socks cost more than that.
Catzilerella: Do not! lol

Paxton takes his place center stage, an I drag myself closer to the front. Guess I should try to be a good friend. I was just about to place a $20 bid, when Mei puts down $50. My mouth practically drops, what does she want Paxton for? I look over at her to find that she's already staring me down. Oh no. This is totally personal.
I put my bid in for $100 and she goes for $200. Now she's starting to piss me off. By the time the bid reached $500 I decide to just let it go. AFter all Gojira will kill me if he knew I spent money on Paxton. I slam my fist into a table as Mei glances my way with a killer victory smile. Realizing that I made a scene I slowly sit down, wrapping my tail around my legs for comfort. What a- My thoughts are interrupted by Laura who slides a wad of cash under my hand.
"Whats this?"
"Just win Logan" She says,
"What about Clawd?"
"Don't worry, he'll be mine" She winks and skips off.

I weigh the options at hand, I don't really want to bid on Logan, but through out the auction Mei kept biding on and won several other mansters including Mr. Wize. What is she up to with all these guys? I wondered what Drake was thinking, but from what I could tell he was also having a good time, sitting there laughing it up with her. We just broke up yesterday, Are they even dating? I wonder. Before I could realize Logan was on stage and his bid was already going for $500. I flip through the wad of cash Laura offered me and without giving it another thought I trow in my own bids. And Guess what?! A whopping $1,435 later, Logan is mine.


To be continued!!! Stay tuned!

Late for the movies. by *Catzilerella on deviantART

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sins of the heart

This is a MH fanfic inspired by two of my OC's.


I never meant to hurt you, I wanted to shout across the court yard as Ingrid gracefully made her way through. "I love you Ingrid" I whisper to myself. "I love you". I clench the barbwire fence as I think about how my presence disgusts her. It is best I remain in the shadows, the last thing I want to do is upset her, or worse, have her run off again.

I've been working as the Graveyard keeper at Monster HIgh for almost 10years now, before my soul reason for existing was to find Ingrid, my wife. We were married on a cool October day in 1841, she was 16, and I was 48, time had not been good to me, but I always considered myself a reasonable man. I loved her from the day I saw her, she was 15 then, and her parents were looking for a baron to get them out of their debt. They were about to loose everything. I was the youngest on the prospect list so they took to me quickly. After the first courting I knew it was not going to be easy to gain her affection, but I did not think It would be impossible. I thought I could get her to trust me, to understand that I didn't want to hurt her, but her rancid remarks and profound disapproval was driving me mad. She never gave me an opportunity to show her the love I really had in my heart. I didn't want to take her by force, but if it wasn't me, it would be someone else and that thought I could not stand. I made the mistake of kissing her against her will one day and that drove her over the edge. She tried to kill herself, I didn't know what to think and my conscience had me feeling like a sinner. I was disgusted with myself, she aroused a distastefully feeling in my gut that I thought about cancelling our arrangements. However my dirty, selfish desires surpassed and it happened, but I could barley stand the wedding. She wailed and sobbed, begged and pleaded, for her freedom.... for death. I held back tears and locked down that ball in my throat that wanted to escape and express my sorrow. This is not what I wanted. I just want the opportunity to tell her that I love her without tears running down her face, without fearing what I might do to her, I want to hug her and hold her tight, smell her hair, parade her around in my arm, and make her smile. ... I just want to make her smile.

We were only married a few hours, as her death came shortly after. She was turned to the world of the walking dead, wining a ticket out of her misery, out of my life. My heart would of been broken if there was any left to break. But I cried that night, like a child, uncontrollably. My soul was hurting and I had no one to turn to, no one to comfort me. I signed all my property to Ingrids family and went on a self finding trip which landed me in England. I was a happier man there, working with a Carriage company as a chauffeur. I lived there for 2 years until I passed into the world of the dead myself, accidently turned into a night walker by a young vampire who had a conscience about killing me. The juvenile vampire took me to his maker who showed me how to be this undead beast. It wasn't long before I caught on and ventured out on my own, feeling young and refreshed. Feeling adolescent. It was then that the thought struck me to find Ingrid. With my heightened scense and the memory of her smell engraved in my heart it wasn't long before I found her.

I don't know why I expected anything to be different, maybe because she did have a few years to mature, and time no longer applied to us, I thought just maybe... but I was wrong. The second she saw me, blood tears stained her face and before I could get a word out she attacked me and just like that she was gone.
Its been well over 100yrs now, this whole time I've been longing to find her, hanging on to that bit of hope that one day I'll see her and her reaction will be different. That is my reason for existing, though my fear of her rejecting me again has kept me from looking for her.

BUT, Maybe the demons have finally decided to be good to me this year, since last month I noticed Ingrid began to attend Monster High. I've seen her hanging around the campus almost everyday and for that I am thankful.
I've been thinking of ways to approach her, but they all end with a beating. Maybe I should just let her kill me, maybe that's as romantic as I can be for her.

------------To be continued?----------------

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wave 2 - Catzi's Diary

Now that I've been back into monster high, more so than before, inspiring me to write up more original characters and even attempt to draw them! I've been doing so much more with monster high, and theres so much more that I want to do. More drawings, more stories, but most importantly more crafty tutorials! I hope to have more time sooner rather than later.
With all the new MH OC related things I want to do, I still go back to Catzi! <3 She's my favorite OC of course, she's the closest one to me personally.

Being that it's been over a year since I introduced Catzilerella as a New Monster high student, I thought it be nice to give her a "second wave" Diary! ^_~

You can read the first one here
Drake Man belongs to DA member Brett1486
Celeste and Camile belong to DA member DJMirnum
Saphira belongs to Da member DesuPanda98

Sept 26
I have to admit the past couple of weeks just spend on by. At first I was really bummed that Magna never came to visit, but I have made several friends and they've helped me just forget about it. Not that I've really mentioned him, and why should I when he can't even return my calls. RAAWRRR! I feel stupid for feeling the way I did about him, and I guess this is the last time I mention it mainly because there's a new love in the air! *swoon*
I ran into the cutest boy at school this morning. Of course I totally embarrassed myself and ended up running away beet red, but I got to see him again after school... in De-Dungeon.
We were both late to class after our first run-in.
He has the most captivating eyes, the perfect blue skin tan, and his wild black hair that I'm just dying to run my fingers through. He doesn't speak much though, at all. His lips are stitched up, since his voice is deadly to most. I'm not sure if I could stand his yelping, but he communicates just fine through texting and tablet scribe. He wrote me, he thought I was freakishly stunning which made my cheeks feel like they were on fire. I didn't really know what to say after that, not that we were saying anything at all. I hope to get to see him again soon!

Sept 29

I was talking to Celeste and Camile about Drake, the Blue skinned hottie, and they told me I should see if he knows sign language. They tried to teach me a few things and during lunch I went into the library to check out a book. I sat there and studied it the whole hour. Once the fear bell rang, I was so into the book that I slid my chair back carelessly bumping into Prince Stiching! Just my luck, however he smiled at me sweetly and noticed my book, so he started to sign something, which I didn't quite catch, but I thought he said to meet him after school, after the swimTeam practice. I must of gotten something wrong because I waited outside the gym for almost an hour and he never showed. I started to walk home just as it began to pour. What a bummer.

Sept 30th

I tried to avoid Drake in school today, but I could feel his eyes on my back in Clawculus. As soon as he tried to communicate with me after class I took a dash for the door. It's not that I didn't want to talk with him, it's just that I already felt really silly and I didn't want to give myself another reason to feel worse. I avoided him in the halls, trying to hide behind Saphira who gushed on about how she thought I had a crush on him. Thankfully a few girls grabbed his attention and I sneaked by dragging Saphira along with me. I told her he probably wasn't interested in me, what, with all the girls I was sure he had lined up. A few of them for sure in the swim team. Lagoona told me he was the talk of the locker room for a whole week. Saphira tried to cheer me up by telling me I would be the best catch, but I find that hard to believe.

Oct. 2nd

I guess I can't avoid Drake forever and it's a good thing I didn't!
I was sitting alone for lunch today, and he came over to me. Turns out he wasn't asking me to meet him after swimteam, he was asking IF I had swimteam practice, which I said yes to - thinking that yes, was him meeting me after swimteam practice. I'm such a fool!
After it was cleared up we laughed about it for a while and then he offered to help me practice the signing. And Guess what! He also invited me out on a date! It all happened so fast, I barley remember how it all happened. I need to start logging by the hour!

[more entries soon]

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ursula De'Kraken

Ursula De'Kraken by *Catzilerella on deviantART

Daughter of the colassal octopus
Age: 17

Killer style:
Its a bit on the goth side, but I can pretty much pull off anything as long as I have my fishnets.

Freaky flaw:
My tentacle hair sometimes has a mind of its own, acting as devious arms
stealing things or hitting people, which usually gets me into alot of trouble.

Favorite color:
I like the colors purple and light green- especially when combined with black.

Favorite food:
I love wontons stuffed with cream cheeze and crab filling.

Favorite activity:
I like swings. Thats not something we get to do down under and its so amazing!
My favorite thing to do under the sea is finding sunken ships to chill at and read the latest R.L. Stien books.

Favorite school subject:
Home ick- It might not seem likely but I enjoy baking! And I like Teasing Deuce.

Least favorite school subject:
History of the dead- it needs to liven up. Its such a drag. Though I do find the Egyptian section rather interesting.

Pet Peeve:
When people try to connect me to the Ursula from that horrid Disney interpretation of the Lil Mermaid. Normies always want a happy ending, but here at MH I think we all know that the Prince marries the Princess and the human wanabe desolves into sea foam.
And it's just a coincidence that I like wearing black flowing dresses.
Can't two people in this world have the same name, and similar styles. Geeesh!



This character was inspired by my latest adopted doll off ebay, who came to me with this lovely face up and some sloppy tentacles for hair. It was a WIP sale.
I decided to keep her as a Kraken kid.

I'm in the middle of a move, and she arrived just as we got to our new home.
I adore her face, she definitely brought a smile to mine. I had been unpacking my costumes that day and came across my Ursulal WIP cosplay I started last year which got me putting in 'The Little Mermaid' which also happened to be sitting on top of the CD pile. My daughter and I watched it during lunch, which I also started to think of the profile characteristics for this new doll and after jotting down some ideas, I decided that Ursula was the best name for a Kraken child, so there you have it.
I might of pulled off a little too much inspiration from Disney's Ursula, but That's because I love her. XD

I haven't unpacked all my craft things or set up my sewing corner, but I did find this airdry clay, so I attempted to give her some tentacle hair.
When I first got her I noticed her head is really wobbly, I wasn't sure why until I tried to do the tentacle hair myself. Even though it's lightweight, it's really heavy on her head, so needless to say, she's top heavy and has this head tilt pose up on my self right now.
I'm not sure I really did this tentacle hair any justice, but I'm hoping it'll look much cooler once I color it, and try to add some suction cups.


My tentacle hair attempt

Isn't her face just cute! To bad my Camera crapped out on me after halloween - who knows when I'll have money to take it to get fixed. T_T

<3 Adopted

It'll probably be a while before I get any more proggress on her, since I have to catch up on my work but stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countess Ingrid

Whoooot! I'm so happy to have adopted my first Monster HIgh Custom!
I decided to call her Ingrid.

Her re-paint was done by the lovely datumzinebeautifulmemories.
I just love her!

You might want to click on her link to see a better picture of her, since my camera decided to crap out on me after hallowee and my phone pictures are not that great.

Adopted custom

Customized girls~

I decided she has to be BMFF's with my own custom Lauralei.

She's just so darn cool looking~

Adopted custom

Her outfit if amazing as well, so many lil details! LOVE.
I wasn't too crazy about her head bonnet thing, so I took it off, and then realized that I really didn't like her default hair, so ...

I chopped it off and made her a wig!
I love how she looks in it. I used the faux fur stuff you can find at any craft store - it's not really that great, so when I get a chance to head to the city, I'll get better faux fur to make her a better wig.


My girls are getting along faboolously!

I wanted to try to draw her and make her profile to get to know her better. ^_~
My art is crap, but I enjoy doing it, so...

Countess Ingrid by ~Catzilerella on deviantART


Name: Countess Ingrid
Age: 16...0 ish.
Parents: unnamed

Killer style: I'm a big fan of the Victorian and Edwardian era fashions and I like to mix it up by adding a modern steampunk twist.

Freaky Flaw: I'm deathly allergic to silver.

FAvorite Foods: I don't eat. I only drink... your blood True Blood.

Favorite Color: Copper penny brown

Favorite Activity: Hanging in the catacombs and playing my Theremin.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Vampire fanatics, especially those who ask to be bitten.

Favorite school subject: Music History. If I can't play an instrument I at least want to learn about it.

Least Favorite school subject:
Drama, The only stage I want to be on is the one where I get to play my Theremin.

BMFFs: Operetta
Lauralei Gill-man


A little backstory that just came over me while writing up her profile info: More soon. XD


Once upon a time... In 1841 Ingrid Delaflor was arranged to marry Count Orlock at the age of 16. She dreaded this day as she was being forced to marry a man three times her age in order to save her family's dwindling business.

She tried to run away and when that didn't work, she tried to take her life. Her parents had her locked away in a safe room until the wedding day.

After the wedding ceremony her carriage was abducted by a vampire who quickly killed the carriage driver. However, Ingrid, who was wishing death over having to go to her new home, inspired the vampire not to kill her but instead turn her into the world of the dead.

At first she thought, what a gift to continue to walk amongst the living without the cruel reality of her life, but short after came to the conclusion that walking dead is no reward at all. She sees it as starving for a life that's always going to be just out of her reach. She often thinks about the 'true death' but something is keeping her from just walking into the sun.


Thanks for reading,

Way to addicted to MH,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scary cool Customs~ Amature

Hey everyone, recently I've been back into trying to customize my own monster high dolls.
When I first learned about Monster high last summer, the series inspired me so much to look into trying to create my own character, based off my username. After I had the character drawn up in my mind, I tried to make a custom doll for her.
I had never before tried it, and needless to say it was ... well not very good.
Though I was still a bit happy with it! I went on a photo frenzy even.

MH OC Catzi Doll by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I did get a few hate/rude comments.
And sure, there's some truth to the fact that I could of done better on the faceup, I did use sharpie in there.
But this was more of a test run for me, for fun, for whatever. Plus I was squeezing in this crafting while my daughter was asleep and in between other projects.
Yes, hater, your right, I didn't but in as much effort as I could of.
Though I still think the emails were quite ridiculous. It got worse after I did my next custom with a Moxie Teen,
Since I wanted CAtzilerella to be bigger than the MH girls, I thought this base would be great.

I think I did alot better, especially because I didn't have to draw in the eyes and I didn't use sharpies, and that made a big difference. Though I still could of diluted the paint some. Theres always something better that I could of done. But I really loved it.

One of my pets by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Regardless I still got some pretty harsh comments about how poor my customs were and that I should stop trying. Also that my Character, CAtzilerella was just stupid.
WEll geesh. Harsh.

ON top of the harsh comments on my creativity, I was also getting really frustrated with not being able to find the dolls I wanted anywhere. IT's still frustrating.

I was already way into the BJD dolls by then and slowly I fell away from the fandom.
It wasn't until I was asked to do a few clothing commissions relating Monster HIgh for Halloween that I got back into it. In between my trades and commissions I squeeze some random crafting - for myself. I am so easily distracted. eep!
I used a bald Draculaura as a model for my MH clothing commissions,
I had chopped off the hair a while back hoping to try to re-root, but that task turned out harder than I thought and never got to around to re-rooting this doll. While I had her off the shelf I decided to try to paint her, and ended up with Itsy! My camera is on the fritz so sadly I don't have a really clear picture. Not that my photoskills are that great, but...

Itsy A.K.A Poppywise by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I gave her acrylic eyes, because I thought it would be easier and look really neat.
However I used a blunt blade and ended up tearing up the vinly. I did the best I could to try to make it work. It was insanely hard to try to get the eyes to stay in place, I eventually got them hotglued in, but in the future if I do this again, I need to try something easier.

My latest custom is Lagoonalei Gill-man! Daughter of the Creature.
The character came to me after I had painted her.

Lagoonalei Gill-Man by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

It's not the look I had in mind when I started painting her, but I"m so happy with how she turned out and the eyes! These are the best Eyes I've drawn yet.
They are a lil creepy but I love it. I want to re-root her hair blue later on, but for now she's working the creepy cool FAux fur wig I made her. I just adore her!
She's sitting right next to me now.

It's been so much fun, I can't wait till I have more time - and the right supplies. I need some MSC, finer and better paint brushes, some paint retarder, gloss....other things I'm sure I don't know about. xD
I think I"ve improved a bit. Either way I love all my customs.

Way to addicted to Monster HIgh,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dead Tiered - Clowning Around [part 2]

[Continued from here]


I pace all around the house trying to decide if telling my Ex, Roc, that I was going to the Debutante was a good idea. I want it to be a surprise so I shouldn't, but at the same time I want to bring his blood to a boil my spicing it up with a little prior ball flirtacious chat. Ugh! I knew I should of deleted him from my friends list. I wouldn't be so tempted then. I prep my Keurig coffee maker with a green tea insert, rummaging through the cabinets for my mug while looking back at my laptop screen, yes. No. Yes. No. The mug fumbles from my grasp, smashing into the floor, ceramic peices flying everywhere. "Shit!"

Ok, I'm really giving this way too much thought, I slam the notebook closed as I walk past to fetch the broom. Just, No. I think. Let it be a surprise, wait.... What's that?!
I stop in front of the glass doors, turning on the patio light.
"Hurm... that's werid" I say outloud to myself, I thought I saw a balloon floating out there.
I shrug, turning the lights back off, and heading over to clean my mess.
The neighbors were having a party earlier in the day, which was upsetting to know I wasn't invited. I poked my head over the fence to say hello, since I was out there gardening and everyone just grew quite and stared at me like I was some kind of monster. Guess I am the neighborhood spook, given that I am living in a normie community. I really didn't plan on it, or want to but I got a killer deal on this house. Apparently the family that lived here before was butchered by the Mexican Mob. No one's dared to move in since and I couldnt' pass up this deadly low mortgage. Before I could even unpack anything I did have a couple of cliche mobster goons look me up. However they caught me on a bad day, at a bad time and I was looking like one Scary Ghoul. I had caught a bad bug and after I opened the door I sneezed sending razor sharp thorns into their face. I tried to apologize but they scampered off real quick. Hope that doesn't mean they'll have to come back later, I'm not worried though. I mean I wasn't even trying to freak them out, imagine if I was. I let out a small giggle, pouring some milk into my hot tea. Mmmmm. I started feeling really cozy, was about to grab the notebook and head to the living room to find a blanket to cuddle with when that evil weight scale caught my eye. Nope. Not today. I think shaking my head, I.. just... wont.... I set my mug down and stare at the scale for a moment then decide to pull it out in one quick swift move. Well I did start going to the gym five days a week instead of three.
I let out an aghast squeek as the scale states I've gained 7lbs! I bend down to get a better look, this can't be right. I rhythmically tap on the scale glass, and to my surprise I hear the rhythmic tap played back at me.

Ms. Thornton - Dead Tiered by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I look out to the glass doors to see a few balloons against the pane.
What the hell!? I think. I quickly walk over to the door to turn on the patio light, revealing a jungle of balloons, some still falling from the sky. My heart starts to race, I don't really know what to think of this. Someone wants to trow me a party? I open the door and step outside, balloons popping as I make my way through the patio.
"Hello?" I call out uncertain. I don't see anyone, I step back further to take a look at the roof. No one up there. "Hellooooo?" I call again louder, still looking around. I start to head back in, exploding balloons at my feet. Ugh, I hate balloons. If someone is trying to charm me this is not the way to do it. Before I slide the door closed, I poke my head out one last time. Still no sign of anyone, I sigh and slam the door closed. If those neighbor kids are trying to pull some kind of prank on me- AAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I scream, after finding myself face to face with a clown.
Wait a min, I know this man... My shocked expression quickly turning into a frown.
"How much does a polar bear weigh?!"
He laughs, and I continue to frown.
"... enough to break the ice" He laughs again.
"Mr. Wize" I start.
"Ms. Thornton! Tara. Tara-Lara-Ding-Dong! CAn I call you Tara Lara??!" He asks laughter in his tone,
"No, I say as I cross my arms"
"That's too bad Tara-Lara! I think it really suits you" He places a finger to my chin. I stare him down, slowly moving back.
"What are you doing in my home, Mr. Wize"
"Oh don't be so formal, Tarzipoo!" he reaches his arms out to touch my shoulders stabbing himself on my thorns, a trickle of blood starts to roll down his hand. Really? I think. Flashing him the 'your an idiot look'.
HE dramatically shakes his hands and mouths the word 'ouch' but says, "You can call me Patrick, or pat or-"
I start to push him out the back door, "how about I don't call you and maybe I'll see you tomorrow at work."
Ouuu, those ripling pectorals, bare against my hand. Mmm, ok, now I'm distracted. Damn it.
Of course he notices this and pulls me in, my thorns digging into him at all angles.
He makes a pained face and says, "oh your so coy"
He presses into me even harder, "I love it" He laughs!
I place a hand on his chest, pushing away but not really trying, what's going on here, am I annoyed or am I enjoying this. Ugh, he really isn't all that bad to look at, especially this body, my mind starts to run all sorts of thoughts, mainly about the fact that it's been over a year since I"ve been this close to any man.
"Kiss me, my dear" He pouts his lips and tries to move closer, though my hesitation is making it difficult for him. Not as difficult as I could make it.
"I feel so drawn to you...." he says and I start to feel bubbly and let a slight giggle escape my lips, "It must be your incredible mass that creates such a gravitational pull"
And just like that, the fantasy vision that was starting to form in my mind was gone.
Oh no! He didn't! He didn't just make a crack about my weight.
I am really trying to push away now, but his grasp on me is still strong.
"You can fall from the sky" he continues kissing up my arm, blood trickling down his face from the stab wounds, "You can fall from a tree" he breaths down my chest, " but the best way to fall is in love with me" He plants his bloody lips on mine. I clench my teeth, and tighten my lips, growing my thorns further into his body. He trows his head back and laughs,
"Stop it!" I squirm, hoping that the pain of my thorns can overwhelm him.
However did I let myself get to this point, and why is it not easy to get out of.


To be continued!
Read more on Tara:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Tiered - Clowning Around [part 1]

This is a short story I wrote inspired by my Monster High Original Faculty characters.
Tara Thornton
Patrick Wize

HOpe you Enjoy~

"What are you looking at Clown?" Says the man who has no restraint when it comes to his stomach most likely due to the fact that he was weened improperly as an infant. He's trying hard not to be afraid, but I can feel his distressing sensation as I present myself as a threat. I flash him a razor sharp Grin as I prance closer to him "Do you believe in God?" I run my clawed fingers across his back as I dance around him.
"What the f**K is this!?" He takes a blind swing at me and as a Killer instinct reaction I shove him backwards violently. My overpowering strength has taken him by surprise, his heart racing, trying again to humble his fear. I wipe the evil look from my face giving him the most friendly smile I can force, adding a positive tone to my voice.
"Just answer the question." I laugh.
He tries to push past, swinging at me once again. I shove him back hard, this time knocking him down to the ground. I place a heavy foot on his throat, this could of been more fun... for me, I think.
"You want to know what I think?"
He spits and starts to say, "F**k y--" but I cut him off by covering his mouth and forcing his head into a nod.
"God made mountains, god made trees, god made you but we all make mistakes...."
I notice a couple run by in the distance, Oh phooy, I better make this quick. I wasn't planning on a gluttonous pig for dinner but he kinda just fell into my path.
I laugh, standing over him, squating down to his level, "ahahhaha! What the hell am I talking about?!"
I release his mouth so he could enlighten me.
"You think your funny clown?" I pause as if I have to think about this, "why yes, Yes I do." I state mater-of-factly. I let him kick me off, and as he stands I ask "What is the worse part of an Axe-murder?"
"Your sick!" he shouts as he tries to hurry and scurry off. Of course in his sluggish movements I take him by surprise as I pop out in front of him, "Getting the blood out of the clown suit!" I start to laugh hysterically and his fear grows. "Kiss me, Fat boy!"
If there were such a thing as a next time he wouldn't try to dip on his tab at the restaurant, taking the back door can lead you to a darken alleyway where a clown is waiting to make you dinner. "Does this taste funny to you?" I say to myself as I finish my meal, laughing. Always laughing.


Well dinner came sooner than expected, the night is so young. I twirl the strings of balloons between my fingers as I skip along down the street, the cool breeze feeling good on my bare chest. That Fatso Joe ruined my shirt with his big bloody belly. I take a turn down a pitch black road - funny all the street lights were out. I'm sure I can find some fun down here. It wasn't long before I came across a lady walking her dog. Oh joy! I shout over to her in my most appealing voice, "Excuse me! Mam'" She stops spotting me, her hormones sparking as she notices my bare pectorals. I couldn't walk around with all that blood on my shirt, I am still hoping to find a savory child for a snack but a young woman will do just fine. I tidy my bowtie and hop across the street. Her excitement turning to disgust as my figure becomes more clear. What?! clowns aren't sexy?
"Excuse me mam', but I am administering a very important survey and your participation is going to be greatly appreciated!"
She flashes me a look of disbelief, "Your joking right"
I clap my hands and laugh, "YES!, but in all seroiusness now... " I pause, just because I can, sporting the most serious and un-humored expression. She stands there confused, but waiting for me to continue.
"Is your Refrigerator running?!" I quickly Gasp as her face crumbles into the look of annoyance, "It is!?!?! Well you better go catch it! Ahahahahhaha"
She scoffs as she pushes past her dog suddenly barking at me. I bark back, she turns giving me an angry but steamy sideway glance. Now she's a spicy one! I think about chasing her, but decide I'm not really all that hungry. I continue to laugh as I head down the street, spotting a light in the distance. The one Lone light on the whole block.

The house looked like it could be a botanical garden, why if I didn't know any better I'd say this is where Tara Thornton lived - The biteology teacher at that Wreched Monster High. She's one of the hawter faculty ghouls there. I see her figure walk by the front window, YES! It is her! I creep closer to the window, but she walks down the hallway and into another room. RAts! Well Don't mind me! I'll just creep around the back. I laugh out loud to myself, then cover my mouth quickly as I don't want her to know I'm out here... or DO I? I laugh again.
I flop down in the back yard with a good view into her kitchen through the slider doors. Well if she didn't want me watching she'd have the blinds closed... wouldn't she. Ahahahah!

DeadTiered - Mr. Wize by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

[To be continued.....]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patrick Wize - FearArts TEacher

After giving Mrs. Thornton a personality, I decided my FearARts teacher, Mr. Wize needed a face as well. So here he is.

Name: Patrick Wize
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown - A figment of your imagination.
Specialty: Instilling fear in humanity - Although he needed a day job so he took a position at Monster High as a Art instructer. AFter all someone needs to teach these Monster Teens the Art of Fear.

Classes: FearArt, History of FearARt, and runs an after school program: Worse Dreams come True Fine FearARts Club

Previous Work: Was working in politics, trying to get to the white house and become a step closer to ruling the world with Fear. After he was defeated in a presidential election by a single vote, he settled on handing out balloons at Neverland Ranch until he stumbled upon monster high.

Killer Style:
Any twisted combination of fashion is right up his alley. Anything clolorful, add a hint of blood and a Ting of sexy; that says MR. Wize. Scary is funny - and who says you can't look good while doing it.

FAvorite Food: Children who fear

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people stop believing.

Hobbies: Besides scaring children he does like to draw - children who are scared.

Top Students:

- He favors other killer clowns. The are they only ones who get his jokes.

Here he is at the Beach~

Mr. Wize -Gloom Beach by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mr. Thornton -Biteology Theacher

Mrs. Thornton by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

AFter a few RP's where I mention Ms. Thronton as the biteology teacher, I started to think about giving her more personality and a face, so here she is.

Ms. Thornton is daughter of the Thorn monster.
[who stars in a 1987 comic called Ewoks ]

She is one of youngest, if not the youngest, professor at MonsterHigh, being only 28yrs old.

Her killer style is Rockabilly, leaning a bit more towards the burlesque and pin up fashion side. She is both intelligent, beautiful and loves to rock out, driving all the boys in school Gaga for Thorn. She's also modest and loves to give compliments so even the girls like to be on her A-list.
Tara Thornton, is also a student herself, attending Ewoks Shadowstone University for her PhD. In Biteology.
Her door is always open to any students who need help with anything or just need someone to talk to.

Mrs. Thornton graduated from Monsterhigh and continued her education at Mount Thunderstone College, Graduating with a B.S. in Parasitology and B.S in Toxicology.
She further continued her education at Ewoks Shadowstone University where she graduated with a M.S in Multidiciplinary Biteology and continues to attend the university with the hopes of Graduating in the next couple of years with her PhD. in Biteology.

Previous Work:
Before landing her job at Monster High, Tara Thornton worked as a Florist in Little Flowers of Horror.
She worked there for a year and a half, excelling to Manager position after only 2 months.
After falling head over heels for Xavier, her Corporate Horror Boss, she decided to quit her job to avoid any Drama. To her demise, Xavier dumped her shortly after, learning that dating her so she would quit was the plan all along.

After a few weeks of feeling defeated and heartbroken, she finally managed to get a job at the Botanical Gardens of mishap where she worked until she graduated and landed her job among the freakafull Monster High Faculty. She couldn't be happier... well she could.... if Monster Right suddenly walked into her life.


Quote: "Biteology is a cemetery of dead ideas" -- Mrs. Thornton

Hobbies: Tara loves to Garden and create beautiful arrangements out of fresh cut flowers.

More info on her soon~
Thanks for reading!


Gloom Beach FAculty Feartreat~

This is a short story written by me [Catz] involving Tara and Umbra who are teachers at MonsterHigh.
Umbra is a character created by DA member PrincessAbiliss
Tara Thornton is a character I made up.


"Hey, Umbra" I make my way over to the stunning Dance instructor who makes smoking look so elegant with her fashion accessory cigarette holder, and the way she puffs and majestically blows out rings of smoke. She nods acknowledging me, as I struggle with my platforms through the sand, hoping my attempt to gracefully walk across the beach is anything less than classy. "I was wondering if I could ask you a favor" I continue not really sure what to do with my hands as I stand next to her, suddenly wishing I had my own Bakelite cigarette holder.
"Sure hun, what is it?" She asks, completely oblivious of the guys who walk by, their mouths dropping to the floor. I smile and bring it to her attention, "Wow Umbra, Can't go anywhere without guys groveling at your feet" I tease.
She laughs a bit, staring off into the distance "I seem to have that effect, I'm sure you can relate"
I blush, extreamly flattered by her compliment, "Hardley"
She turns her steamy gaze twards me and smiles, "Well aren't you modest." She gives me a wink, "So about that favor..."

"Oh yes," I say, snapping back into reality, "I was invited to a friends Debutante funeral and unfortunatly my Ex is going to be there with his wife, and ... I'd like to dig the claws of jealousy into his rotten little heart by being the single ghoul who astounds the crowd with her killer dance moves" She nods listening, "HOwever, I may be one hell of a science teacher but I look like a run away noodle on the dance floor. "
She bursts out laughing, "oh come on, I'm sure your not that bad, why don't you show me a move"

I chuckle a bit, " Ok... but I warned you"
I try to get a beat in my head, and start to chimney a bit to the left and chimney a bit to the right. Then I do what surly must be an awkward dip down and half spin to the right, followed by some kickjumping and arms flailing.

She tries not to laugh but I know it can't be helped. "wow, you proved me wrong" She giggles some more. "wow... Ok.. here! Lets try something, just follow my lead" She puts her hands on her hips, and I do the same, "ready, watch this" She starts slow, confidently placing a foot in front of the other swaying her arms and hips in rhythm, I try to follow, "now pick it up" she marches forward, knees high, popping her chest as she raises a knee, arms in cadence with her movements. "This is a little burlesque number" She states, looking so sharp and in control. I still look like a run away noodle I'm sure. I try to keep up. She does a twirl and a quick sexy chimney of her upper body, placing a hand up by her head, the other swinging in tempo and landing on her hip as she raises her foot to the edge of the walkway railing and strikes a pose. I stumble in after trying to mimic her moves. "like this" I say.

She raises her eyebrow at me and flashes a half grin, 'When is this debutante?"
"Next weekend" I relpy as she places a hand to her chin, "Oh my, we have a lot of work to do, Come on!" She grabs my hand, "lets go practice in front of a mirror"

Gloom Beach FAculty by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Love at blue sight!~

Hello everyone,
thanks for doping in and reading.
This is a short Fiction I wrote inspired by one of Catzi's new friends Drake Mann.
Drake Mann was created by DA Member Brett1486

You can read more about Catzilerella here, here and here.
Note: Catzilerella will be about 200ft tall when she is full grown - she is about 167ft now, but wears an enchanted earring that allows her to disguise her height to better blend into society. HOw else would she fit into the Monster High school building? ^_~
This earring will only disguise her height to a minimum of eight feet. It also hides her reptilian tail, and most of her 'monster' features. With the exception of the color of her skin, it's still blue, and her weight - about 30k Tons!
If she loses her earring, she will return to her normal state of being.

Note: character CEleste and Camillie who makes an appearance inspired by the creation of Celeste and Camillie Leon by DA member- DJMirnum


For once I think I'm glad it's Monday, after last week dreadful events of doom I don't think anything else can go wrong. I've already lost my earring and destroyed half of the main building, I've sent a couple of smaller ghouls to the X-ray rooms after having fallen over on them and my death ray vision went berserk, destroying the entire girls locker room after Frankie played that annoying Lady Gaga Music. To continue on my unlucky streak, over the weekend I almost squashed a human bent over tying his shoe, I totally didn't see him there, tripping on him, landing over another human that I was certain I killed. Luckily he only ended up in the hospital with ONLY a few broken ribs. Otosan [Dad] was ready to ship me home to Japan. One more monstrous incident and it's back to home school for me he said. I don't really think he means it, but I'm going to be extra careful from now on.

I walk up the steps to the main building which is still in the process of returning to normality after my unintentional remodel. Caution tape was wrapped around every pillar, I start to feel as if all eyes are on me as I walk further into the rubble. Headmistress Bloodgood exits her office, slamming the door behind her causing it to fall off. I cringe at the sound and sight as she turns her head to lay her disappointed glare upon me. I hang my head and keep walking, slowly... carefully.

"You'll never see the stars if your always looking down" I see a pair of colorful platforms and I know it must be Celeste. "Hey Ghoulfriend, why the long face?" She asks looking up and around, gasping and quickly putting her hand to her mouth. "Oh Right" she whispers, leaning her head back examining the new sky view I added just last Friday. "Don't worry about it, " she takes my arm and pulls me along down the hall, "I'm sure stuff like this happens all the time."
"Yeah I'm sure... " I mutter back.
"Who knows why they still haven't fixed it." She stops in front of a locker, "Where's yours?" She asks entering her combination.
"oh... at the end of the hall on the right" I nod in that direction, suddenly distracted, "But don't.... need anything"

She gets along so well for only having one arm, although she started struggling with one book at the bottom of the stack. She starts mumbling, cursing the dreaded subject. I should of offered her help but my mind was only focused on one thing: The hanFangsome blue skinned, well built boy who walked by sporting a tight muscle tee that showed off his rippling pectorals, leaving me with that 'dear in the headlights' dumbfounded look.
"A lil help would be nice" Celeste jokes as her Twin sister, Camille approaches.
"As if she would of taken it if you offered anyway" She waves her hand in front of my face as I try to play off the fact that I was staring.
"I saw that" Camille announces as a wry smile escapes her lips. I start to blush, trying not to call anymore attention to the situation, but I'm still watching him walk down the hall, skipping a heartbeat as I realize that his locker is right next to mine.

"Hey isn't that your locker" Celeste playfully bumps me with her body, "Maybe you did need something from there after all" She continues pushing me forward. The girls giggle to themselves heading in the opposite direction.
"Gota go"
"Tell us all about it later" Celeste waves, and with a skip and a twirl they are off to their first Monster class.

I hesitantly head to my locker, taking the smallest steps I can, trying not to picture how horridly wrong this scene can go. I let out a sigh, deciding to walk past and just head to class. Frankiestein and DRaculaura race past me talking about how they need to print their Mad Science lab report. I smile feeling awfully prepared, I finished mine last week, same day it was assigned. I'm sure it's going to be an A at least, I'm kinda good with these things. I start to fumble through my Mad lab folder as I climb the stairs, feeling proud of my work, but wait... Where is it? I shuffle through the pages again then realize that I had my Biteology folder in hand. Ugh, I must of forgot to switch my folders back after the catastrophic event of loosing my earring, thanks to Frankiestein and her easily misplaced limbs.

I almost had a freak-a-tack as the first Screetch bell rings, only one more minuet until the Tardy bell! I have to get back to my locker! I do a quick twirl before reaching the top of the stairs but to my unfortunate surprise my stiletto heel gives and the next thing I know I'm falling backwards down the stairs! I close my eyes and brace myself for the mini quake I was about to cause, only it never came. I open my eyes to find myself in the arms of the blue skinned hottie. My heart starts racing, I try not to pass out, and search for words to express my gratitude, "my... your really strong" I chuckle. He starts to break out a sweat, he mumbles something, but his lips were stitched and I couldn't make it out. He taps a metal railing which was actually holding me up, engraved on the side was "nearly indestructible Metal alloy rails." He was only holding my balance so I wouldn't fall further, and he was struggling in doing that. I turn beat red jumping up to my feet, chuckling as it couldn't be helped,
"ehhe.. ehehe.. um, Right! They must of put those in recently..... Well, Thanks! baiii" I race off as fast as I can, my broken heel click-clackiting loudly. I pass my locker as my mind was drawing blanks. Headmistress Bloodgood still standing outside her office flashes me a glance that sends shivers of memory down my spine. Oh Right, My locker. The tardy bell rings as I try to enter my combination, great! Headmistress Bloodgood walks up to me and speaks sternly, "De-Dungeon, 3'oclock Sharp"
I gently bang my head into the locker, "Yes Headmistress".


Hope you enjoyed it!

Here's an art I did of CAtzi and DRake - on paper colored with Watercolor pencils! I really think it's my best!

Stiched love by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Thanks for stoping in!
-Catz [the real Catzi. =p ]

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monster Dog~

I'm dog sitting this weekend, a lil TeaCup Chiwawa named Ruby. She's about Five, I think, such a good dog, a bit annoying sometimes [that's sorta bias since I"m not a fan of chiwawas] , but generally well behaved. She's great with the kiddos! My daughter loves having her around. So of course we didn't mind taking care of her while her keepers are out of town.

Our home tends to be a bit on the cold side, as we don't have windows that ever face the sun, and we live right near a creek. The second Ruby walked in she started shivering like it was freezing in here, I cuddled her up in a blanket on the sofa and she calmed down, but every time she got up, after a few min she was shivering again, so I turned to google. There had to be a super quick n easy Free pattern up somewhere and sure enough there was!

Comes with some simple instructions as well.
Although I didn't follow them at all, they might be helpful to you if you need them.

I sized the pattern to the measurements of Ruby, then Cut and sewed. Done in like 20 min. So simple!
But of course I had to get FReaky Fab by adding a Monster High Skullet!
Made out of Stiff felt and hand embroidered onto the sweater - this took me 2 1/2 hours - did it while watching Transformers - Dark of the moon.

IF you don't feel up to making your own MH skullet patch, you can always try to find a cool skull patch on Etsy. [OR other places] If you have an embroidery machine you can even buy the design and machine embroider it yourself! There are a few MH applique listings on Etsy.

Monster high faboo for dogs!

I was thinking of lining the sweater, but then I got lazy, so I used a blanket stitch to finish off the arm hole hems and the bottom hem.
I think it's super cute, and Ruby likes it. I'm sure her owner will like as well, it being halloween time and all! Yay!
If not, well... it was a free sweater.


Thanks for reading,


Monster High crafting~

When Halloweens just around the corner, monster high craft ideas start rolling.
I've been thinking of which characters we want to be this year. Last year we were the Steins, I was thinking this year we do the Gordons, but then... maybe Bominables, since Abbey is my new Fav girl and my Squishie monster just loves wearing those fur boots!

I've had several requests for more Monster High inspired clothing, costumes, hats and doll outfits, that I'll working to bring some more items to my Etsy shop soon!

So keep a look out!

Abbey Bominable Tutu

Frankie's Tutu

Toddler MH hat

MH Funky fur~

Frankie funky hat

Frankie RAgdoll wig -Toddler

Draculaura's top hat


Spectra Costume

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dragons and Daggers [MH RP]

This is a one on one RP with DA member xSparkleShinex
Catzilerella: belongs to me - written by me
Christopher Glen Eisenburg: Belongs to xSparkleShinex - Written by xSparkleShineX

Hope it's a fun read! Enjoy!


I sighed slinking in the booth of this overly 'Kawaii' cafe in Salem. Who'd have thought it was so damn cheery
Not dark and morbid like Hollywood lead us to believe. I didn't mind it too much, reminded me of when I went
to Japan with my adoptive brother and father two summers ago when my dad was on tour there. His metal band Tagiester
was world famous. Now he's trying to cut back since we moved. He's trying to keep an income and career but still be a
father. Feeling like he got caught up in the fast world of Rock and Roll he left Goddard (my brother) and I alone
to ourselves.
We moved here after my suicide attempted thanks to Andy Evans, his constant bullying drove me to slitting my wrists one
night my dad was doing a concert in town. I had everything planned out, I thought I did, didn't expect my brother to get in my way.
He covered my arm as I was loosing consciousness and the last thing I remember was him sniveling and sobbing saying 'daddy come home'.
My brother is six.
It took the EMTS over seven minutes to get my heart beating before I was wheeled off to the hospital. My father walked out
on a concert, for me. When I came too He was there, heavy goth makeup smudged from crying his hair still done and he still sat
in his fishnet top and industrial boots with leather chain ripped pants. He blew it off for me. and that thought makes me sick with
guilt. I sighed sipping black coffee with extra Splenda and low fat creamer. Staring into the cup hoping that something would
pop out and tell me to wake up from this long running dream.
I haven't even started school yet, I do that tomorrow, but. I'm also avoiding home, that family closeness weirds me out and chokes me.
I'm not ready for that yet. Flipping through a book I've read ten times before I look up at the Hello Kitty clock, it reads 4:15 pm.
All the kids (are monster creatures kids?) Should be getting out of class now and this place will get packed I'm sure. I shouldn't have
picked a booth at the front of the store.
shuffling to my feet I stand up and start moving from the purple and blue table and reach with my left wrist to grab the cup of coffee.
A sharp pain shoots through my arm as I drop the cup of coffee on the floor and the cup shatters. My wrist is still healing from being slit open.
I wince and tenderly curl my fingers to a closed palm, peaking at the gauze underneath a long sleeved shirt. Seeing a bubble of red peak out from
under neath.
Did I pop a stitch?
Would it matter?
I shake that thought out and start bending down to pick up the shattered cup, dropping my book in the process.


I can just tell today is going to be crazy, it's written in the stars, or rather that my crazy antics only have me concentrating on what can go wrong. Obviously my mind is to far off in horror land that once again I find myself lost in reality, tripping over my own legs. I managed to catch my balance and eagerly check to make sure my earing is still in place. Don't want to have another normie panic incident, although being that I am still over 8FT tall and maybe not the friendliest of expressions, normies tend to panic anyways. Looking back I notice that I've stepped over, possibly on, some poor human who was knelt down picking up some items.

'of course, there'd be some human too far down for me to notice' I think, then realize that I'm sporting a very upset look. I quickly shake my expression and squat down a bit closer to his level.
'Are you ok?' I ask, as sweetly as I can.
Suddenly I notice blood coming down his hand and I just about pass out. OMG! Did I do that? Father is going to Kill me, bring me back from the dead.... and kill me again.
Don't get my wrong, my father hates 'normies', but he strictly believes there is a proper time and place to terrorize the poor souls, and of course this wouldn't be it.
My heart starts racing, what do I do? I kneel down next to him.
"Your bleeding!" Speaking in a more accelerated tone, "what do you need? To make it stop? Are you going to be ok? Should I take you to a ... a... " Trying to think of the word... What's that place called. Ugh. I can't think. All I hear is fathers voice yelling at me.


I chomp down on my lip and jump about a foot in the air when the gigantic blue skinned girl starts freaking out over me. I clamp my hand over the gauze, must have pulled more than one stitch. "Jesus!" I yelp in a startled tone and breath heavily slowly standing up and backed into the table holding up a hand. "It's fine!" I try to say over her but my voice is drowned out from her frantic tone. "It's fine!" I hold up both hands in a 'halt' fashion and repeat "It's fine...Really, um, thank you, really it's fine. I assure you." I move bangs from my eyes and look at a furry yellow skinned curvy woman walking over to use from behind the counter.

- "My goodness, did you cut yourself on picking up the glass?" She chuckled, "bless my soul, sweet- heart you didn't have to pick it up." The Server smiled and handed me a rag out of her apron and moved to look at it. I instinctively jerked my hand back but took the rag. I smile my best Sunday smile at the Server and chuckled " I did...on the cup" I lied. "But, it's fine. please don't worry, I'm happy to pick it up. I broke it after all." I winced cleaning off the blood on my palm and held it there.

The Server patted me on the head, "You're the sweetest Normie I've met in ages, so polite and well mannered, not nervous like a day old kitten." She now looks up at the panicing blue girl. "My dear Catz, please calm down." The woman laughs in a mothering tone. "He's fine, and you're fine. My goodness one of the most caring monsters I a genuine way, not in a suck up way like Frankie Stein." She cringed saying the Stien person's name and sighed.

"Why don't you two kids go find a booth, I'll bring you some drinks, on me." She smiled and pointed towards an empty booth seats with no table against the wall. "Go on sit you two."
I blinked and motioned to give the rag back but withdrew the action. I looked up at the blue girl as the Server left. "The worlds not going to end you know," I started, "Thank you for your concern...but.. i'm not dead. I;m fine..." I smile weakiy as I start to walk to the booth we were instructed to go to. "But, thank you."


I start to calm down after the human assures that it's fine, although taking a better look and realizing that their had been gauze there in the first place, I become really relieved to know that it really wasn't me. I really doubt he cut himself with the glass though. I start to follow behind the awkward human to the place where we were suggested to sit.

'yeah, the world is not going to end for you' I think semi rolling my eyes.
The last time I steped on someone or I should say, fell over on I nearly crushed every bone in their body. There isn't a normie alive who can withstand my weight in an incident like that. Needless to say, I was grounded for a year, and home schooled for 3. Talk about unfair. This is the first year I get to go to a school so close to normality not that THATS so exciting, but I've already started the year on a bad roll.
I thought going to a school with other monsters and ghouls like me would just be the greatest thing, but I didn't realize I had to conceal some of myself. Or that we'd be surrounded by normal people. What a bore.
Of course I've had several lectures from GOD [OCC: She calls her father GOD for short sometimes] about how we have to be so cautious with the way we present ourselves around humans, since the movement to come back into the public hasn't been taken too well in some cases. I think its mostly the vampires fault, they all need to follow in Draculaura's vegan steps. I mean who's going to warm up to someone who thinks they are lunch?
Lucky for me most people don't realize I eat humanburgers. I start to chuckle to myself then realize I'm still in the company of the normie, whos probably wondering why I'm suddenly amused.

"Well, I'm glad .. your ok." I say looking at him sheepishly.
" " I'm not really sure of what I can say to this person, a conversation comes harder than I thought it could be. But then thinking about it I've never had true "normie company. WE have plenty of people who work for us, mostly in fear, but we never have to worry about small talk.
I don't really know how to relate to this human in front of me.
"um... so.. yeah. Not many normies come to this side of town, You looking for some kind of death wish?"
I fight the urge to facepalm my face as I realize that probably wasn't the smartest thing to say. Especially since he's already been injured so he's probably had a close call with death already.
I quickly try to correct it by trying to start anew. I cuckle, squint my eyes, shrug my shoulders and tilt my head a bit in a 'lets forget I said that' manner.
"well My name is Catzilerella, but you can call me CAtz, and this place has the best fireball dishes! WEll as best as they can get here in the northern continent. Have you ever tried it?"
Lucky for me the server comes back to the table, yes! More distractions from my previous comments, that's what I need.


I glared through bangs "I already had a death wish thank you very much, cearly that didn't work out... Trust me this world doesn't scare me."
I murmured grimly yet loud enough for Catz to hear. The woman walks over and hands me a new black coffee and a couple packets of Splenda and smiles as she also wheels over a what looks to me novelty sized clown mug that could serve three elephants. "I know what you're like is Catzilerella, our fireball dish. so I got you one." She mused pushing the cart over to the blue skinned girl. "No charge." The server mused and turned heal back behind the counter.
I pull open a few packets and put them in my black coffee.
"I honestly don't know why we moved up here." I start talking ask as if Catz asked a question, "I suppose it's the only place my father though he could move us too where we wouldn't be hounded by press and the super crazy fan base and we could be left alone to an extent." I stir the coffee, "It's mostly monsters and his band is world famous among 'Normies' That word left a funny taste in my mouth.
"Can you not say normie? I mean, hell, you might as well be calling me a faggot. It's offensive and I don't like it. Human works fine. " I sounded needy or whine-y but I didn't care, I had to keep talking Tarrence was creeping over my shoulder, I could feel his hands slowly wrapping his dirt and grim coated fingers around my wind pipe as I tried to swallow my drink.
"Is there really a small amount of humans here? I heard of the movement and all, but my dad was more into the idea of moving up here. He could still do his music career and still live with're afraid of your father. Clearly...why?"


If I could know what it felt like to be hit by a train, surly this must be it. I'm trying hard to keep my head from falling into this table surface... repeatedly. Normies, are so Sensitive. If we are going to start pointing fingers like that, he should realize that it might be offensive for us to be called 'monsters'. After all I'm no monster, I'm just an oversized Reptile ...hybird ... thing... That humans created anyways, in all their self-righteousness, protecting that idea of 'freedom'. If anything I should be honored, I'm a freedom fighter... well daughter of. Since it was my father who destroyed those Japanese cities. He's an american hero. And I mean that with only a slight sarcasm.
To top it off, this phyco analysis of the fear of my father is right up there with 'why don't you just go ahead and call me a faggot'.
I was trying to hold my smile, but it was quickly fading, all this rambling was giving me a stone cold look, returning that devilish glare. I pull my dish in and in a few chomps scarf it down, while I try to think of what I can say that's not going to be offensive.

"Well you know what they say, those with no fear, are to be feared" Although it looked like he was fearing something. I take a sip of my Hugenormous Matcha latte sitting off to the side, since it didn't quite fit on the table.
"And I'm not afraid of my father.." I continue, "I just don't like to do wrong by him."

But really who isn't afraid of their parents, weather it be that he's going to kill me literally for stepping out of line, or that he'd be disappointed in me for being anything but hororable. I let out a slight sigh, I guess I am a daddys girl. My mother died shortly after I hatched, the radiation didn't take kindly to her, and really she was the American SuperHero. She killed everything on site. Father always left survivors, but that's what he liked to do. Chew them up and spit them out. Someone had to tell the tale.

I shrug. "I really don't know. I just moved here not to long ago. My father, ... Gojira, is staring in an american remake and he thought we could use a change in waters for a while, so I know what you mean about the press. We are really popular in Japan."


[[OOC: here is an idea of what Terrence looks like attire wise, only more formal, and not Asian. lol. Also, Terrence is only heard by Christopher. I know it's confusing. ]]

I chuckled as Tarrence crossed and uncrossed his legs beside me mouthing how full of shit this "Girl" was. I sighed and took down the coffee in tender sips, wishing I could drink it faster and be on my marry way of solitude but for some reason I cant pull myself away. I scoffed to myself and looked to Tarrence who smiled darkly and spoke.
'Chistopher, why don't you repeat after me...' He chuckled darkly, as bile and vomit seeped out between yellow and rotting teeth over chapped lips on dead skin. ' You want to see if this girl is worth your time? Break her. She's a delusion anyway. Do you REALLY deserve happiness, the Queen is still very upset with you.'
I looked up at Catz, she was trying so hard to show even though she was an eight foot tall, thing..she could be loved. I wanted to tell her she was a wonderful person, I wanted to say she was nice and thanks. But I couldn't, I said the exact words Tarrence told me too. Because the idea of her not really existing for anything more than torment by the Queen sounded like a better possibility than someone being willing to talk to me. Horrible truth was.
"Believe it or not you all kinda owe us...'Normies' think about it. If it wasn't for the persecution of your kind you wouldn't have gone into your own area and prospered into an actual society." I took a sip "Not to mention if this were like the dark ages the kinds of creatures would have continued to feast on humans and make us extent, then in the end having no one to base your culture off of. This pointless we hate each-other nonsense is a waste of time. We need you as you all need us to supply you with a gimp shred of purpose."
I smiled with a dark look, that matched my 'schizophrenia caused' counter part's.
'I don't know why you're father moved you to this world, you'd be better off at home, in Wonderland, Curled up for Tea time....while the March Hare is strung up by fishing wire. Maybe we'd serve his brain... Not wasting time around coincided monsters...that's what they are. Wolves lying to themselves they're sheep. They're so stupid they've lost the ability to truly connect with what they are. Let's not waste our time with these fools, we've got better things to do, let pull those stitches apart.'
I sighed and shook off the insult I slammed on Catz, "I'm sorry, that was rude." I spoke and put the empty coffee mug on the table. I had spent too much time here already. I was feeling I'll, like the room was spinning. I blinked and forced myself to my feet and started walking out of the coffee shop to save her the time of being mad at me, I didn't want to see her explode. Or go on rampage..
If she fallowed, awesome. and Deep down, I wanted that answer. I really did.

Or whatever. Besides, it was almost five Pm, my father would be blowing up my phone, missed an appointment I did, he found my pills down the kitchen sink he has. Or something of the sort.


One of the perks of being feared is not having to listen to such human snobbery. Humans are so smug, caught up in their sanctimoniousness beliefs as if the world will stop spinning if they zap out of existence.
I grind my teeth and force a smile as this human insults the very existence of anyone but humans. I shrug it off, trying to make sense of his arguments.
"Can't have light without dark" but he continues. I don't really know what to think but this guy had some lousy points, feasting on humans wouldn't cause the extinction of the human race, simply a population control. This boy must not be familiar with something called the 'foodchain'.
His expressions kept changing almost as if there was a whole other person in there, or an influence. Kinda reminded me of Jackson.

What this poor soul does not know, he turns into a mockery for us 'monsters'.
We are not dependent on humans, and hardly need them for anything more than lunch. Several of us have 'home' planets, even though we were born of human mistakes.
Ours is called Erusavill, I learned about it from my "aunt" Celeste who crash landed here in chernobyl, ironically sent out to find other creatures like us. They must of caught signal of the nuclear fission reactions that took place in creating this solar system. By the time they time warped here though, the solar system was already stable.

We don't destroy, enslave or hunt humans because most of us believe in a sense of civility.
That doesn't mean vampires aren't out there feeding off them, or that sea creatures aren't taking down ships to have a midnight snack. If your human and your alive, you should really consider yourself lucky, but then again, if your any creature and alive you should be thankful.
After all there are over 1000 ways to die, and that's not including attacks of the super natural. That's just life, chance, fate or whatever you want to call it.

I've kinda zoned out and missed him standing up and leaving, I turn to see him almost to the door,
I have this feeling like I need some kind of closure, I make a weak movement to follow, but quickly take it back. Its not like I"ll be seeing him again anyways.
I finish my drink and place a twenty dollar bill on the table, glancing at the waitress and flashing her a smile. I turn back to look for the sad soul but he was already gone.


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