Monday, August 29, 2011

Clawdeen Ears! Quick MH costumes!

After getting pretty lucky at the thriftstore with some Clawdeen looking clothing pieces I got to work on adding the Faux fur to the blazer and making some wolflike ears.

Adding the fur was a piece of cake. I just laid some pieces over the neckline and cuffs, eyeballed it and cut. I hemmed the fur edges to the cuffs, but I really don't have the patience for hand sewing - well that's my excuse but really I just got lazy. By the time I got to the neckline I just sewed it on. Really you can't tell it's not hemmed unless your looking for it. I did only sew it down on one side so if it flips up which it can, it would look cheezy. haha. Hopefully it wont, not that it really matters cuz it's a quick trow together. ^_~


After I got the blazer done, I started working on the ears. I used airdry, light weight magic mold, and I couldn't get it to work. My ears looked different every time. I started thinking it wasn't the best clay to use, but then I just suck at sculpting so it wouldn't of made a difference... probably. I still wouldn't be able get the ears to look the same. I almost gave up, but then I decided to use a base. I cut up a cereal box, two good size circles, folded them in half, and then again for that ear curve. I covered it with the clay and let it dry, and finally I had something that looked like ears. Except they looked more like cat ears... but I figure they would work. They clay cracked a bit as it dried, particularly down the center of the ear. Easy fix though, I just added more Faux fur to the ears. Then hot glued them to a headband and taaaadaaa! Clawdeen ears! Well not quite, I had to go on a search for the hoop earings, thankfully a friend had some buried in her jewelry box. yay!


Rawr! It's clawdeen!


Clawdeen ears!

Stay tunned~!

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