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Monster High fashions ~ Photostory~!

Hello everyone!
I hosted a Monster High inspired swap over on DOA and the following story is inspired by it.
Hope you enjoy!
Darlene Rae: Just started a new school, MH under her Alter Ego Inara Unicirell- a rebel unicorn. She is not infact a unicorn and is only slightly supernatural by being part fae.
She had been going through a tough time at home, hating her school which labled her an outcast and didn't provide any academic challenges. After running away from everything she hated, she is really excited and nervous to finally get a start at a new school where fitting in is out. ^_~!
[Rae recieved an amazing unicorn inspired outfit by Poeticsoul! ]

Catzilerella: Daughter of Godzilla, [who totally stole my user name] she is a sweet girl who is too often mistaken for a raging beast out to destroy the world with her atomic breath and death ray vision. The humans see her as a threat to humanity, but what they don't understand is that she is just klumsy. Sometimes she forgets her glasses and ends up stepping on a few people, other times she just looses her balance and crushes over a building or two. She's not the most graceful but only has the best of intensions... unless of course you piss her off. ^_~ [she likes harajuku decora and j-street fashion best - so she received a lovely outfit inspired by those ideas made by zombiEdward who Catzi just loves!]

Celezilla: Sister to Godzilla - goes by Celest. She's that aunt that thinks she can pull off all the younger fashions, lucky for her, she actually can. Armed with a deadly charm, and a lethal ghoulish gaze, shes not one who can easily be ignored. Not to mention she's probably the biggest female zilla out there.

a lil note:
**Celest is Catzilerellas Aunt on her Fathers [Godzillas] side. Her full name is Celezilla.
She has a crush on Casper who Rae has been living with after running away from her home.
Casper and Rae went on a couple of sorta dates in the past - which were mostly awkward, ending with a very awkward kiss. They both care for each other greatly but obviously were very confused. Casper took her in after ending up in the hospital due to the emotional and physical abuse at home.
Celest has been crazy over Casper since the night at the dinner party Catzilerella was invited to by her pet shark Bruce who is the long lost twin brother of Boszly who is like a brother to Casper.

haha Long story, but now you sorta get the gist of it? LOL


Catzi: Souuuuuu, *does a twirl* What ya think?
Celest: *pretends to ponder* hummm.... It looks great!
Catzi: *claps* Yayy!

Celest: I know that because you think I"m so hip, you want me to help you model these clothes, but...

Celest: *sits then quickly stands back up* Yeah.. hun... this dress just aint working for me.
Catzi: *scratches her head* Guess not. Your so hug-a-rific!

--After a clothing change--

Celest: These hair fails though *fluffs them up* I can work with.

Catzi: Yeah, I can see it. *pulls out her camera* pose for a pic.

Celest: *quickly going into 'super model' mode* Hows this?
Catzi: *tilts her head* hurmm... how about a lil less angry
Celest: *slightly adjusts* This?
CatziL *giggles* Oba! Now you look sad. *clicks the pic anyway*

CAtzi: ... but dead sexy. *laughs some more*
Celest: Well that's all that matters. *noticing RAe walks up, continues to pose 'sexy like' in hopes that Casper would follow shortly behind*

RAe: Hey! *waves* CAtzi... um, can I walk with you to school.
Catzi: I guessss?..... I didn't know you were going to monster High....
RAe: I just started! *excited* It's my first day. *nervous*
Celest: *still posing* That's great! *looking behind her* Did Casper drop you off?
Rae: Um... NO! He's not my dad...*shudders at the thought* that's so awkward.... and even so, I'm not a lil girl...
Catzi: Hey! TAke a picture of us! Will you?

Rae: Sure...
Catzi: *looks at celest still posing and hoping that Cas would show up anyways* OBa! He's not here! geesh!
Rae: *focusing the camera* Ready?

Catz: Chizu~
RAe: ... One more *snaps another pic*

RAe: I think thats a really good one

Catzi: Thanks! Drop it in here!
Rae: Cool bag!
Catzi: Yeah! Got it from a super awesome designer, zombiEdward!
Rae: Ouu! I love zombies!

CAtzi: It's the purfect size for all my extra decor! You want to add some color to you?

Rae: No thanks.

Catzi: *shrugs and starts walking with a lil skip*

RAe: *follows* Hey Aren't you supposed to desguise your height by shrinking down to a Normie size?
Catzi: Yeah, I did!
Rae: *wonders how she could disguise her height, but doesn't ask* But your still so tall.

Catzi: Well I still want to be the tallest girl in school. Plus... it's not crime to be a tallie.
Rae: Yeah I guess....

CAtzi: And! People won't bully me, since most tend to be afraid of those who tower over them.
Rae: *looks up to catz intimidated, shuddering on the inside* hehhheh.. *nervous laugh* your right.

Later that day.....

Somehow Celest made it over to CAspers.

Celest: Kon'nichiwa Ai! [Hello love]
Casper: Mmm, It's a good thing I don't speak Japanese.
Celest: *pulling his face to hers* You don't have to...

--OPhelia walks in - Caspers Girlfriend-

Ophi: What's going on here?
Celest: *turns to face Ophi and gives her a steamy sideways glance and a lil shrug* Just keeping him warm for you.
Casper: *smirks rubbing his chin* I think I have to go find something to do.... *stands up, walks over to OPhi, giving her a quick kiss on the way out*

------------------ OMG! What happens next! LOL It's all I got! ------------

ON another note:
Outfits I made for my partners:
Frankie inspired

Looks better on me by catzilerella, on Flickr

This was for an OC who was a steampunk musician.

Steampunk by catzilerella, on Flickr

And for a puki size doll male - Clawdeen inspired: [Photos is not taken by me] And just because Poetic soul did an epic MH display for her girls! I have to show you a pic of the outfit I made on her Steampunk Music love girl

Thanks for reading everyone!
Till next time!


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