Friday, September 16, 2011

Sew A ghoulish cape~

Hello everyone,
I really don't post on here as often as I'd like.
I've recently been making some hooded capes for barbies and monsterhigh and I'd like to share some tips and how-to.

Here's a pic of one of my finished capes:

Cloak n wicked stockings

It's not the greatest photo since it was taken in poor light with my phone, but you get the idea.
It's made out of some velvet crush fabric which is what you find most capes around halloween time are made out of.

First thing you need is a pattern, Thanks to google I came accross these and resized them in photoshop until I got to a size that worked.
I can't exactly tell you how I did that because I just messed with the numbers till I got a print I could use. Basicly the cape pattern should be about the size of an 8x10 page when printed.
The hood I didn't have to resize at all, Opened in photoshop and printed just worked out purfect.


YOu want to cut 4Xhoods - 2 for lining
and 2xcape. - 1 for lining.
ONce you have your pattern pieces established and cut out, you can get started.
Really that's the hardest part.
This an a pretty easy project handsewing - I hand sewed the cape pictured above, and even easier when using a machine- not to mention super quick!

First thing you want to do is sew the hood right sides together down the center. Your hood should look like this once your done.


YOur cape will look best if you line it, so make sure you cut double what you need as I listed above.
Of course if it's a super super quick job, you can skip the lining, and fold in your edges for a hem. Rolled hem would work best IMO.
You can also choose to line it with a contrast fabric, or a lining fabric. I choose to do both sides in Velvet crush.

ONce you have both your hoods done, you can sew them right sides together and sew along the front.


Turn and press. Pressing is an important part as it makes your items look more crisp and finished and it makes it a bit easier to sew if you press as you go. Really you should of pressed as you finished sewing each hood down the center.
NOTE: if your using fabrics like Velvet Crush, or velveteen, be sure to press on a low temp, or use a hankerchief as a buffer so you don't ruin the fabric.

This is what your hood should look like.

You can also go back and top stitch to make your hood look even more crisp, finished and defined!

Now on to the cape!
If your handsewing, this part takes a bit of time.
Be sure to pin your fabrics together, or you might end up with a sorta lobsided cape if the fabric slips or moves as your sewing.

Unfortunately I didn't really do too good of a job taking pictures throughout my process here, and I took the pics with my phone... but
After you've pinned your capes together you can sew it around, except for the collar.


Turn and press.

Then you attach your hood to your collar, and after you finish the seam between the hood and collar either with a zigsag stich, surging or hand finishing the seam, you can add a closure clasp, or ribbon ties and your done! Ready to go ghouling around the block.

HOpe this was somewhat helpful. ^_~

Till next time!



  1. I love her cape! It would look nice in black lace too. I can't get the cape pattern to open, could you please send it to me?

  2. The Cape's pattern don't exist...
    Can you send me the pattern, please ?

    Thank You !

  3. I thought I had saved these but I don't seem to have the cape saved. Could you please send it to me?