Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Tiered - Clowning Around [part 1]

This is a short story I wrote inspired by my Monster High Original Faculty characters.
Tara Thornton
Patrick Wize

HOpe you Enjoy~

"What are you looking at Clown?" Says the man who has no restraint when it comes to his stomach most likely due to the fact that he was weened improperly as an infant. He's trying hard not to be afraid, but I can feel his distressing sensation as I present myself as a threat. I flash him a razor sharp Grin as I prance closer to him "Do you believe in God?" I run my clawed fingers across his back as I dance around him.
"What the f**K is this!?" He takes a blind swing at me and as a Killer instinct reaction I shove him backwards violently. My overpowering strength has taken him by surprise, his heart racing, trying again to humble his fear. I wipe the evil look from my face giving him the most friendly smile I can force, adding a positive tone to my voice.
"Just answer the question." I laugh.
He tries to push past, swinging at me once again. I shove him back hard, this time knocking him down to the ground. I place a heavy foot on his throat, this could of been more fun... for me, I think.
"You want to know what I think?"
He spits and starts to say, "F**k y--" but I cut him off by covering his mouth and forcing his head into a nod.
"God made mountains, god made trees, god made you but we all make mistakes...."
I notice a couple run by in the distance, Oh phooy, I better make this quick. I wasn't planning on a gluttonous pig for dinner but he kinda just fell into my path.
I laugh, standing over him, squating down to his level, "ahahhaha! What the hell am I talking about?!"
I release his mouth so he could enlighten me.
"You think your funny clown?" I pause as if I have to think about this, "why yes, Yes I do." I state mater-of-factly. I let him kick me off, and as he stands I ask "What is the worse part of an Axe-murder?"
"Your sick!" he shouts as he tries to hurry and scurry off. Of course in his sluggish movements I take him by surprise as I pop out in front of him, "Getting the blood out of the clown suit!" I start to laugh hysterically and his fear grows. "Kiss me, Fat boy!"
If there were such a thing as a next time he wouldn't try to dip on his tab at the restaurant, taking the back door can lead you to a darken alleyway where a clown is waiting to make you dinner. "Does this taste funny to you?" I say to myself as I finish my meal, laughing. Always laughing.


Well dinner came sooner than expected, the night is so young. I twirl the strings of balloons between my fingers as I skip along down the street, the cool breeze feeling good on my bare chest. That Fatso Joe ruined my shirt with his big bloody belly. I take a turn down a pitch black road - funny all the street lights were out. I'm sure I can find some fun down here. It wasn't long before I came across a lady walking her dog. Oh joy! I shout over to her in my most appealing voice, "Excuse me! Mam'" She stops spotting me, her hormones sparking as she notices my bare pectorals. I couldn't walk around with all that blood on my shirt, I am still hoping to find a savory child for a snack but a young woman will do just fine. I tidy my bowtie and hop across the street. Her excitement turning to disgust as my figure becomes more clear. What?! clowns aren't sexy?
"Excuse me mam', but I am administering a very important survey and your participation is going to be greatly appreciated!"
She flashes me a look of disbelief, "Your joking right"
I clap my hands and laugh, "YES!, but in all seroiusness now... " I pause, just because I can, sporting the most serious and un-humored expression. She stands there confused, but waiting for me to continue.
"Is your Refrigerator running?!" I quickly Gasp as her face crumbles into the look of annoyance, "It is!?!?! Well you better go catch it! Ahahahahhaha"
She scoffs as she pushes past her dog suddenly barking at me. I bark back, she turns giving me an angry but steamy sideway glance. Now she's a spicy one! I think about chasing her, but decide I'm not really all that hungry. I continue to laugh as I head down the street, spotting a light in the distance. The one Lone light on the whole block.

The house looked like it could be a botanical garden, why if I didn't know any better I'd say this is where Tara Thornton lived - The biteology teacher at that Wreched Monster High. She's one of the hawter faculty ghouls there. I see her figure walk by the front window, YES! It is her! I creep closer to the window, but she walks down the hallway and into another room. RAts! Well Don't mind me! I'll just creep around the back. I laugh out loud to myself, then cover my mouth quickly as I don't want her to know I'm out here... or DO I? I laugh again.
I flop down in the back yard with a good view into her kitchen through the slider doors. Well if she didn't want me watching she'd have the blinds closed... wouldn't she. Ahahahah!

DeadTiered - Mr. Wize by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

[To be continued.....]