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Dead Tiered - Clowning Around [part 2]

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I pace all around the house trying to decide if telling my Ex, Roc, that I was going to the Debutante was a good idea. I want it to be a surprise so I shouldn't, but at the same time I want to bring his blood to a boil my spicing it up with a little prior ball flirtacious chat. Ugh! I knew I should of deleted him from my friends list. I wouldn't be so tempted then. I prep my Keurig coffee maker with a green tea insert, rummaging through the cabinets for my mug while looking back at my laptop screen, yes. No. Yes. No. The mug fumbles from my grasp, smashing into the floor, ceramic peices flying everywhere. "Shit!"

Ok, I'm really giving this way too much thought, I slam the notebook closed as I walk past to fetch the broom. Just, No. I think. Let it be a surprise, wait.... What's that?!
I stop in front of the glass doors, turning on the patio light.
"Hurm... that's werid" I say outloud to myself, I thought I saw a balloon floating out there.
I shrug, turning the lights back off, and heading over to clean my mess.
The neighbors were having a party earlier in the day, which was upsetting to know I wasn't invited. I poked my head over the fence to say hello, since I was out there gardening and everyone just grew quite and stared at me like I was some kind of monster. Guess I am the neighborhood spook, given that I am living in a normie community. I really didn't plan on it, or want to but I got a killer deal on this house. Apparently the family that lived here before was butchered by the Mexican Mob. No one's dared to move in since and I couldnt' pass up this deadly low mortgage. Before I could even unpack anything I did have a couple of cliche mobster goons look me up. However they caught me on a bad day, at a bad time and I was looking like one Scary Ghoul. I had caught a bad bug and after I opened the door I sneezed sending razor sharp thorns into their face. I tried to apologize but they scampered off real quick. Hope that doesn't mean they'll have to come back later, I'm not worried though. I mean I wasn't even trying to freak them out, imagine if I was. I let out a small giggle, pouring some milk into my hot tea. Mmmmm. I started feeling really cozy, was about to grab the notebook and head to the living room to find a blanket to cuddle with when that evil weight scale caught my eye. Nope. Not today. I think shaking my head, I.. just... wont.... I set my mug down and stare at the scale for a moment then decide to pull it out in one quick swift move. Well I did start going to the gym five days a week instead of three.
I let out an aghast squeek as the scale states I've gained 7lbs! I bend down to get a better look, this can't be right. I rhythmically tap on the scale glass, and to my surprise I hear the rhythmic tap played back at me.

Ms. Thornton - Dead Tiered by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

I look out to the glass doors to see a few balloons against the pane.
What the hell!? I think. I quickly walk over to the door to turn on the patio light, revealing a jungle of balloons, some still falling from the sky. My heart starts to race, I don't really know what to think of this. Someone wants to trow me a party? I open the door and step outside, balloons popping as I make my way through the patio.
"Hello?" I call out uncertain. I don't see anyone, I step back further to take a look at the roof. No one up there. "Hellooooo?" I call again louder, still looking around. I start to head back in, exploding balloons at my feet. Ugh, I hate balloons. If someone is trying to charm me this is not the way to do it. Before I slide the door closed, I poke my head out one last time. Still no sign of anyone, I sigh and slam the door closed. If those neighbor kids are trying to pull some kind of prank on me- AAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I scream, after finding myself face to face with a clown.
Wait a min, I know this man... My shocked expression quickly turning into a frown.
"How much does a polar bear weigh?!"
He laughs, and I continue to frown.
"... enough to break the ice" He laughs again.
"Mr. Wize" I start.
"Ms. Thornton! Tara. Tara-Lara-Ding-Dong! CAn I call you Tara Lara??!" He asks laughter in his tone,
"No, I say as I cross my arms"
"That's too bad Tara-Lara! I think it really suits you" He places a finger to my chin. I stare him down, slowly moving back.
"What are you doing in my home, Mr. Wize"
"Oh don't be so formal, Tarzipoo!" he reaches his arms out to touch my shoulders stabbing himself on my thorns, a trickle of blood starts to roll down his hand. Really? I think. Flashing him the 'your an idiot look'.
HE dramatically shakes his hands and mouths the word 'ouch' but says, "You can call me Patrick, or pat or-"
I start to push him out the back door, "how about I don't call you and maybe I'll see you tomorrow at work."
Ouuu, those ripling pectorals, bare against my hand. Mmm, ok, now I'm distracted. Damn it.
Of course he notices this and pulls me in, my thorns digging into him at all angles.
He makes a pained face and says, "oh your so coy"
He presses into me even harder, "I love it" He laughs!
I place a hand on his chest, pushing away but not really trying, what's going on here, am I annoyed or am I enjoying this. Ugh, he really isn't all that bad to look at, especially this body, my mind starts to run all sorts of thoughts, mainly about the fact that it's been over a year since I"ve been this close to any man.
"Kiss me, my dear" He pouts his lips and tries to move closer, though my hesitation is making it difficult for him. Not as difficult as I could make it.
"I feel so drawn to you...." he says and I start to feel bubbly and let a slight giggle escape my lips, "It must be your incredible mass that creates such a gravitational pull"
And just like that, the fantasy vision that was starting to form in my mind was gone.
Oh no! He didn't! He didn't just make a crack about my weight.
I am really trying to push away now, but his grasp on me is still strong.
"You can fall from the sky" he continues kissing up my arm, blood trickling down his face from the stab wounds, "You can fall from a tree" he breaths down my chest, " but the best way to fall is in love with me" He plants his bloody lips on mine. I clench my teeth, and tighten my lips, growing my thorns further into his body. He trows his head back and laughs,
"Stop it!" I squirm, hoping that the pain of my thorns can overwhelm him.
However did I let myself get to this point, and why is it not easy to get out of.


To be continued!
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