Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dragons and Daggers [MH RP]

This is a one on one RP with DA member xSparkleShinex
Catzilerella: belongs to me - written by me
Christopher Glen Eisenburg: Belongs to xSparkleShinex - Written by xSparkleShineX

Hope it's a fun read! Enjoy!


I sighed slinking in the booth of this overly 'Kawaii' cafe in Salem. Who'd have thought it was so damn cheery
Not dark and morbid like Hollywood lead us to believe. I didn't mind it too much, reminded me of when I went
to Japan with my adoptive brother and father two summers ago when my dad was on tour there. His metal band Tagiester
was world famous. Now he's trying to cut back since we moved. He's trying to keep an income and career but still be a
father. Feeling like he got caught up in the fast world of Rock and Roll he left Goddard (my brother) and I alone
to ourselves.
We moved here after my suicide attempted thanks to Andy Evans, his constant bullying drove me to slitting my wrists one
night my dad was doing a concert in town. I had everything planned out, I thought I did, didn't expect my brother to get in my way.
He covered my arm as I was loosing consciousness and the last thing I remember was him sniveling and sobbing saying 'daddy come home'.
My brother is six.
It took the EMTS over seven minutes to get my heart beating before I was wheeled off to the hospital. My father walked out
on a concert, for me. When I came too He was there, heavy goth makeup smudged from crying his hair still done and he still sat
in his fishnet top and industrial boots with leather chain ripped pants. He blew it off for me. and that thought makes me sick with
guilt. I sighed sipping black coffee with extra Splenda and low fat creamer. Staring into the cup hoping that something would
pop out and tell me to wake up from this long running dream.
I haven't even started school yet, I do that tomorrow, but. I'm also avoiding home, that family closeness weirds me out and chokes me.
I'm not ready for that yet. Flipping through a book I've read ten times before I look up at the Hello Kitty clock, it reads 4:15 pm.
All the kids (are monster creatures kids?) Should be getting out of class now and this place will get packed I'm sure. I shouldn't have
picked a booth at the front of the store.
shuffling to my feet I stand up and start moving from the purple and blue table and reach with my left wrist to grab the cup of coffee.
A sharp pain shoots through my arm as I drop the cup of coffee on the floor and the cup shatters. My wrist is still healing from being slit open.
I wince and tenderly curl my fingers to a closed palm, peaking at the gauze underneath a long sleeved shirt. Seeing a bubble of red peak out from
under neath.
Did I pop a stitch?
Would it matter?
I shake that thought out and start bending down to pick up the shattered cup, dropping my book in the process.


I can just tell today is going to be crazy, it's written in the stars, or rather that my crazy antics only have me concentrating on what can go wrong. Obviously my mind is to far off in horror land that once again I find myself lost in reality, tripping over my own legs. I managed to catch my balance and eagerly check to make sure my earing is still in place. Don't want to have another normie panic incident, although being that I am still over 8FT tall and maybe not the friendliest of expressions, normies tend to panic anyways. Looking back I notice that I've stepped over, possibly on, some poor human who was knelt down picking up some items.

'of course, there'd be some human too far down for me to notice' I think, then realize that I'm sporting a very upset look. I quickly shake my expression and squat down a bit closer to his level.
'Are you ok?' I ask, as sweetly as I can.
Suddenly I notice blood coming down his hand and I just about pass out. OMG! Did I do that? Father is going to Kill me, bring me back from the dead.... and kill me again.
Don't get my wrong, my father hates 'normies', but he strictly believes there is a proper time and place to terrorize the poor souls, and of course this wouldn't be it.
My heart starts racing, what do I do? I kneel down next to him.
"Your bleeding!" Speaking in a more accelerated tone, "what do you need? To make it stop? Are you going to be ok? Should I take you to a ... a... " Trying to think of the word... What's that place called. Ugh. I can't think. All I hear is fathers voice yelling at me.


I chomp down on my lip and jump about a foot in the air when the gigantic blue skinned girl starts freaking out over me. I clamp my hand over the gauze, must have pulled more than one stitch. "Jesus!" I yelp in a startled tone and breath heavily slowly standing up and backed into the table holding up a hand. "It's fine!" I try to say over her but my voice is drowned out from her frantic tone. "It's fine!" I hold up both hands in a 'halt' fashion and repeat "It's fine...Really, um, thank you, really it's fine. I assure you." I move bangs from my eyes and look at a furry yellow skinned curvy woman walking over to use from behind the counter.

- "My goodness, did you cut yourself on picking up the glass?" She chuckled, "bless my soul, sweet- heart you didn't have to pick it up." The Server smiled and handed me a rag out of her apron and moved to look at it. I instinctively jerked my hand back but took the rag. I smile my best Sunday smile at the Server and chuckled " I did...on the cup" I lied. "But, it's fine. please don't worry, I'm happy to pick it up. I broke it after all." I winced cleaning off the blood on my palm and held it there.

The Server patted me on the head, "You're the sweetest Normie I've met in ages, so polite and well mannered, not nervous like a day old kitten." She now looks up at the panicing blue girl. "My dear Catz, please calm down." The woman laughs in a mothering tone. "He's fine, and you're fine. My goodness one of the most caring monsters I a genuine way, not in a suck up way like Frankie Stein." She cringed saying the Stien person's name and sighed.

"Why don't you two kids go find a booth, I'll bring you some drinks, on me." She smiled and pointed towards an empty booth seats with no table against the wall. "Go on sit you two."
I blinked and motioned to give the rag back but withdrew the action. I looked up at the blue girl as the Server left. "The worlds not going to end you know," I started, "Thank you for your concern...but.. i'm not dead. I;m fine..." I smile weakiy as I start to walk to the booth we were instructed to go to. "But, thank you."


I start to calm down after the human assures that it's fine, although taking a better look and realizing that their had been gauze there in the first place, I become really relieved to know that it really wasn't me. I really doubt he cut himself with the glass though. I start to follow behind the awkward human to the place where we were suggested to sit.

'yeah, the world is not going to end for you' I think semi rolling my eyes.
The last time I steped on someone or I should say, fell over on I nearly crushed every bone in their body. There isn't a normie alive who can withstand my weight in an incident like that. Needless to say, I was grounded for a year, and home schooled for 3. Talk about unfair. This is the first year I get to go to a school so close to normality not that THATS so exciting, but I've already started the year on a bad roll.
I thought going to a school with other monsters and ghouls like me would just be the greatest thing, but I didn't realize I had to conceal some of myself. Or that we'd be surrounded by normal people. What a bore.
Of course I've had several lectures from GOD [OCC: She calls her father GOD for short sometimes] about how we have to be so cautious with the way we present ourselves around humans, since the movement to come back into the public hasn't been taken too well in some cases. I think its mostly the vampires fault, they all need to follow in Draculaura's vegan steps. I mean who's going to warm up to someone who thinks they are lunch?
Lucky for me most people don't realize I eat humanburgers. I start to chuckle to myself then realize I'm still in the company of the normie, whos probably wondering why I'm suddenly amused.

"Well, I'm glad .. your ok." I say looking at him sheepishly.
" " I'm not really sure of what I can say to this person, a conversation comes harder than I thought it could be. But then thinking about it I've never had true "normie company. WE have plenty of people who work for us, mostly in fear, but we never have to worry about small talk.
I don't really know how to relate to this human in front of me.
"um... so.. yeah. Not many normies come to this side of town, You looking for some kind of death wish?"
I fight the urge to facepalm my face as I realize that probably wasn't the smartest thing to say. Especially since he's already been injured so he's probably had a close call with death already.
I quickly try to correct it by trying to start anew. I cuckle, squint my eyes, shrug my shoulders and tilt my head a bit in a 'lets forget I said that' manner.
"well My name is Catzilerella, but you can call me CAtz, and this place has the best fireball dishes! WEll as best as they can get here in the northern continent. Have you ever tried it?"
Lucky for me the server comes back to the table, yes! More distractions from my previous comments, that's what I need.


I glared through bangs "I already had a death wish thank you very much, cearly that didn't work out... Trust me this world doesn't scare me."
I murmured grimly yet loud enough for Catz to hear. The woman walks over and hands me a new black coffee and a couple packets of Splenda and smiles as she also wheels over a what looks to me novelty sized clown mug that could serve three elephants. "I know what you're like is Catzilerella, our fireball dish. so I got you one." She mused pushing the cart over to the blue skinned girl. "No charge." The server mused and turned heal back behind the counter.
I pull open a few packets and put them in my black coffee.
"I honestly don't know why we moved up here." I start talking ask as if Catz asked a question, "I suppose it's the only place my father though he could move us too where we wouldn't be hounded by press and the super crazy fan base and we could be left alone to an extent." I stir the coffee, "It's mostly monsters and his band is world famous among 'Normies' That word left a funny taste in my mouth.
"Can you not say normie? I mean, hell, you might as well be calling me a faggot. It's offensive and I don't like it. Human works fine. " I sounded needy or whine-y but I didn't care, I had to keep talking Tarrence was creeping over my shoulder, I could feel his hands slowly wrapping his dirt and grim coated fingers around my wind pipe as I tried to swallow my drink.
"Is there really a small amount of humans here? I heard of the movement and all, but my dad was more into the idea of moving up here. He could still do his music career and still live with're afraid of your father. Clearly...why?"


If I could know what it felt like to be hit by a train, surly this must be it. I'm trying hard to keep my head from falling into this table surface... repeatedly. Normies, are so Sensitive. If we are going to start pointing fingers like that, he should realize that it might be offensive for us to be called 'monsters'. After all I'm no monster, I'm just an oversized Reptile ...hybird ... thing... That humans created anyways, in all their self-righteousness, protecting that idea of 'freedom'. If anything I should be honored, I'm a freedom fighter... well daughter of. Since it was my father who destroyed those Japanese cities. He's an american hero. And I mean that with only a slight sarcasm.
To top it off, this phyco analysis of the fear of my father is right up there with 'why don't you just go ahead and call me a faggot'.
I was trying to hold my smile, but it was quickly fading, all this rambling was giving me a stone cold look, returning that devilish glare. I pull my dish in and in a few chomps scarf it down, while I try to think of what I can say that's not going to be offensive.

"Well you know what they say, those with no fear, are to be feared" Although it looked like he was fearing something. I take a sip of my Hugenormous Matcha latte sitting off to the side, since it didn't quite fit on the table.
"And I'm not afraid of my father.." I continue, "I just don't like to do wrong by him."

But really who isn't afraid of their parents, weather it be that he's going to kill me literally for stepping out of line, or that he'd be disappointed in me for being anything but hororable. I let out a slight sigh, I guess I am a daddys girl. My mother died shortly after I hatched, the radiation didn't take kindly to her, and really she was the American SuperHero. She killed everything on site. Father always left survivors, but that's what he liked to do. Chew them up and spit them out. Someone had to tell the tale.

I shrug. "I really don't know. I just moved here not to long ago. My father, ... Gojira, is staring in an american remake and he thought we could use a change in waters for a while, so I know what you mean about the press. We are really popular in Japan."


[[OOC: here is an idea of what Terrence looks like attire wise, only more formal, and not Asian. lol. Also, Terrence is only heard by Christopher. I know it's confusing. ]]

I chuckled as Tarrence crossed and uncrossed his legs beside me mouthing how full of shit this "Girl" was. I sighed and took down the coffee in tender sips, wishing I could drink it faster and be on my marry way of solitude but for some reason I cant pull myself away. I scoffed to myself and looked to Tarrence who smiled darkly and spoke.
'Chistopher, why don't you repeat after me...' He chuckled darkly, as bile and vomit seeped out between yellow and rotting teeth over chapped lips on dead skin. ' You want to see if this girl is worth your time? Break her. She's a delusion anyway. Do you REALLY deserve happiness, the Queen is still very upset with you.'
I looked up at Catz, she was trying so hard to show even though she was an eight foot tall, thing..she could be loved. I wanted to tell her she was a wonderful person, I wanted to say she was nice and thanks. But I couldn't, I said the exact words Tarrence told me too. Because the idea of her not really existing for anything more than torment by the Queen sounded like a better possibility than someone being willing to talk to me. Horrible truth was.
"Believe it or not you all kinda owe us...'Normies' think about it. If it wasn't for the persecution of your kind you wouldn't have gone into your own area and prospered into an actual society." I took a sip "Not to mention if this were like the dark ages the kinds of creatures would have continued to feast on humans and make us extent, then in the end having no one to base your culture off of. This pointless we hate each-other nonsense is a waste of time. We need you as you all need us to supply you with a gimp shred of purpose."
I smiled with a dark look, that matched my 'schizophrenia caused' counter part's.
'I don't know why you're father moved you to this world, you'd be better off at home, in Wonderland, Curled up for Tea time....while the March Hare is strung up by fishing wire. Maybe we'd serve his brain... Not wasting time around coincided monsters...that's what they are. Wolves lying to themselves they're sheep. They're so stupid they've lost the ability to truly connect with what they are. Let's not waste our time with these fools, we've got better things to do, let pull those stitches apart.'
I sighed and shook off the insult I slammed on Catz, "I'm sorry, that was rude." I spoke and put the empty coffee mug on the table. I had spent too much time here already. I was feeling I'll, like the room was spinning. I blinked and forced myself to my feet and started walking out of the coffee shop to save her the time of being mad at me, I didn't want to see her explode. Or go on rampage..
If she fallowed, awesome. and Deep down, I wanted that answer. I really did.

Or whatever. Besides, it was almost five Pm, my father would be blowing up my phone, missed an appointment I did, he found my pills down the kitchen sink he has. Or something of the sort.


One of the perks of being feared is not having to listen to such human snobbery. Humans are so smug, caught up in their sanctimoniousness beliefs as if the world will stop spinning if they zap out of existence.
I grind my teeth and force a smile as this human insults the very existence of anyone but humans. I shrug it off, trying to make sense of his arguments.
"Can't have light without dark" but he continues. I don't really know what to think but this guy had some lousy points, feasting on humans wouldn't cause the extinction of the human race, simply a population control. This boy must not be familiar with something called the 'foodchain'.
His expressions kept changing almost as if there was a whole other person in there, or an influence. Kinda reminded me of Jackson.

What this poor soul does not know, he turns into a mockery for us 'monsters'.
We are not dependent on humans, and hardly need them for anything more than lunch. Several of us have 'home' planets, even though we were born of human mistakes.
Ours is called Erusavill, I learned about it from my "aunt" Celeste who crash landed here in chernobyl, ironically sent out to find other creatures like us. They must of caught signal of the nuclear fission reactions that took place in creating this solar system. By the time they time warped here though, the solar system was already stable.

We don't destroy, enslave or hunt humans because most of us believe in a sense of civility.
That doesn't mean vampires aren't out there feeding off them, or that sea creatures aren't taking down ships to have a midnight snack. If your human and your alive, you should really consider yourself lucky, but then again, if your any creature and alive you should be thankful.
After all there are over 1000 ways to die, and that's not including attacks of the super natural. That's just life, chance, fate or whatever you want to call it.

I've kinda zoned out and missed him standing up and leaving, I turn to see him almost to the door,
I have this feeling like I need some kind of closure, I make a weak movement to follow, but quickly take it back. Its not like I"ll be seeing him again anyways.
I finish my drink and place a twenty dollar bill on the table, glancing at the waitress and flashing her a smile. I turn back to look for the sad soul but he was already gone.


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