Monday, October 17, 2011

Gloom Beach FAculty Feartreat~

This is a short story written by me [Catz] involving Tara and Umbra who are teachers at MonsterHigh.
Umbra is a character created by DA member PrincessAbiliss
Tara Thornton is a character I made up.


"Hey, Umbra" I make my way over to the stunning Dance instructor who makes smoking look so elegant with her fashion accessory cigarette holder, and the way she puffs and majestically blows out rings of smoke. She nods acknowledging me, as I struggle with my platforms through the sand, hoping my attempt to gracefully walk across the beach is anything less than classy. "I was wondering if I could ask you a favor" I continue not really sure what to do with my hands as I stand next to her, suddenly wishing I had my own Bakelite cigarette holder.
"Sure hun, what is it?" She asks, completely oblivious of the guys who walk by, their mouths dropping to the floor. I smile and bring it to her attention, "Wow Umbra, Can't go anywhere without guys groveling at your feet" I tease.
She laughs a bit, staring off into the distance "I seem to have that effect, I'm sure you can relate"
I blush, extreamly flattered by her compliment, "Hardley"
She turns her steamy gaze twards me and smiles, "Well aren't you modest." She gives me a wink, "So about that favor..."

"Oh yes," I say, snapping back into reality, "I was invited to a friends Debutante funeral and unfortunatly my Ex is going to be there with his wife, and ... I'd like to dig the claws of jealousy into his rotten little heart by being the single ghoul who astounds the crowd with her killer dance moves" She nods listening, "HOwever, I may be one hell of a science teacher but I look like a run away noodle on the dance floor. "
She bursts out laughing, "oh come on, I'm sure your not that bad, why don't you show me a move"

I chuckle a bit, " Ok... but I warned you"
I try to get a beat in my head, and start to chimney a bit to the left and chimney a bit to the right. Then I do what surly must be an awkward dip down and half spin to the right, followed by some kickjumping and arms flailing.

She tries not to laugh but I know it can't be helped. "wow, you proved me wrong" She giggles some more. "wow... Ok.. here! Lets try something, just follow my lead" She puts her hands on her hips, and I do the same, "ready, watch this" She starts slow, confidently placing a foot in front of the other swaying her arms and hips in rhythm, I try to follow, "now pick it up" she marches forward, knees high, popping her chest as she raises a knee, arms in cadence with her movements. "This is a little burlesque number" She states, looking so sharp and in control. I still look like a run away noodle I'm sure. I try to keep up. She does a twirl and a quick sexy chimney of her upper body, placing a hand up by her head, the other swinging in tempo and landing on her hip as she raises her foot to the edge of the walkway railing and strikes a pose. I stumble in after trying to mimic her moves. "like this" I say.

She raises her eyebrow at me and flashes a half grin, 'When is this debutante?"
"Next weekend" I relpy as she places a hand to her chin, "Oh my, we have a lot of work to do, Come on!" She grabs my hand, "lets go practice in front of a mirror"

Gloom Beach FAculty by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

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