Monday, October 10, 2011

Love at blue sight!~

Hello everyone,
thanks for doping in and reading.
This is a short Fiction I wrote inspired by one of Catzi's new friends Drake Mann.
Drake Mann was created by DA Member Brett1486

You can read more about Catzilerella here, here and here.
Note: Catzilerella will be about 200ft tall when she is full grown - she is about 167ft now, but wears an enchanted earring that allows her to disguise her height to better blend into society. HOw else would she fit into the Monster High school building? ^_~
This earring will only disguise her height to a minimum of eight feet. It also hides her reptilian tail, and most of her 'monster' features. With the exception of the color of her skin, it's still blue, and her weight - about 30k Tons!
If she loses her earring, she will return to her normal state of being.

Note: character CEleste and Camillie who makes an appearance inspired by the creation of Celeste and Camillie Leon by DA member- DJMirnum


For once I think I'm glad it's Monday, after last week dreadful events of doom I don't think anything else can go wrong. I've already lost my earring and destroyed half of the main building, I've sent a couple of smaller ghouls to the X-ray rooms after having fallen over on them and my death ray vision went berserk, destroying the entire girls locker room after Frankie played that annoying Lady Gaga Music. To continue on my unlucky streak, over the weekend I almost squashed a human bent over tying his shoe, I totally didn't see him there, tripping on him, landing over another human that I was certain I killed. Luckily he only ended up in the hospital with ONLY a few broken ribs. Otosan [Dad] was ready to ship me home to Japan. One more monstrous incident and it's back to home school for me he said. I don't really think he means it, but I'm going to be extra careful from now on.

I walk up the steps to the main building which is still in the process of returning to normality after my unintentional remodel. Caution tape was wrapped around every pillar, I start to feel as if all eyes are on me as I walk further into the rubble. Headmistress Bloodgood exits her office, slamming the door behind her causing it to fall off. I cringe at the sound and sight as she turns her head to lay her disappointed glare upon me. I hang my head and keep walking, slowly... carefully.

"You'll never see the stars if your always looking down" I see a pair of colorful platforms and I know it must be Celeste. "Hey Ghoulfriend, why the long face?" She asks looking up and around, gasping and quickly putting her hand to her mouth. "Oh Right" she whispers, leaning her head back examining the new sky view I added just last Friday. "Don't worry about it, " she takes my arm and pulls me along down the hall, "I'm sure stuff like this happens all the time."
"Yeah I'm sure... " I mutter back.
"Who knows why they still haven't fixed it." She stops in front of a locker, "Where's yours?" She asks entering her combination.
"oh... at the end of the hall on the right" I nod in that direction, suddenly distracted, "But don't.... need anything"

She gets along so well for only having one arm, although she started struggling with one book at the bottom of the stack. She starts mumbling, cursing the dreaded subject. I should of offered her help but my mind was only focused on one thing: The hanFangsome blue skinned, well built boy who walked by sporting a tight muscle tee that showed off his rippling pectorals, leaving me with that 'dear in the headlights' dumbfounded look.
"A lil help would be nice" Celeste jokes as her Twin sister, Camille approaches.
"As if she would of taken it if you offered anyway" She waves her hand in front of my face as I try to play off the fact that I was staring.
"I saw that" Camille announces as a wry smile escapes her lips. I start to blush, trying not to call anymore attention to the situation, but I'm still watching him walk down the hall, skipping a heartbeat as I realize that his locker is right next to mine.

"Hey isn't that your locker" Celeste playfully bumps me with her body, "Maybe you did need something from there after all" She continues pushing me forward. The girls giggle to themselves heading in the opposite direction.
"Gota go"
"Tell us all about it later" Celeste waves, and with a skip and a twirl they are off to their first Monster class.

I hesitantly head to my locker, taking the smallest steps I can, trying not to picture how horridly wrong this scene can go. I let out a sigh, deciding to walk past and just head to class. Frankiestein and DRaculaura race past me talking about how they need to print their Mad Science lab report. I smile feeling awfully prepared, I finished mine last week, same day it was assigned. I'm sure it's going to be an A at least, I'm kinda good with these things. I start to fumble through my Mad lab folder as I climb the stairs, feeling proud of my work, but wait... Where is it? I shuffle through the pages again then realize that I had my Biteology folder in hand. Ugh, I must of forgot to switch my folders back after the catastrophic event of loosing my earring, thanks to Frankiestein and her easily misplaced limbs.

I almost had a freak-a-tack as the first Screetch bell rings, only one more minuet until the Tardy bell! I have to get back to my locker! I do a quick twirl before reaching the top of the stairs but to my unfortunate surprise my stiletto heel gives and the next thing I know I'm falling backwards down the stairs! I close my eyes and brace myself for the mini quake I was about to cause, only it never came. I open my eyes to find myself in the arms of the blue skinned hottie. My heart starts racing, I try not to pass out, and search for words to express my gratitude, "my... your really strong" I chuckle. He starts to break out a sweat, he mumbles something, but his lips were stitched and I couldn't make it out. He taps a metal railing which was actually holding me up, engraved on the side was "nearly indestructible Metal alloy rails." He was only holding my balance so I wouldn't fall further, and he was struggling in doing that. I turn beat red jumping up to my feet, chuckling as it couldn't be helped,
"ehhe.. ehehe.. um, Right! They must of put those in recently..... Well, Thanks! baiii" I race off as fast as I can, my broken heel click-clackiting loudly. I pass my locker as my mind was drawing blanks. Headmistress Bloodgood still standing outside her office flashes me a glance that sends shivers of memory down my spine. Oh Right, My locker. The tardy bell rings as I try to enter my combination, great! Headmistress Bloodgood walks up to me and speaks sternly, "De-Dungeon, 3'oclock Sharp"
I gently bang my head into the locker, "Yes Headmistress".


Hope you enjoyed it!

Here's an art I did of CAtzi and DRake - on paper colored with Watercolor pencils! I really think it's my best!

Stiched love by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

Thanks for stoping in!
-Catz [the real Catzi. =p ]

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