Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monster Dog~

I'm dog sitting this weekend, a lil TeaCup Chiwawa named Ruby. She's about Five, I think, such a good dog, a bit annoying sometimes [that's sorta bias since I"m not a fan of chiwawas] , but generally well behaved. She's great with the kiddos! My daughter loves having her around. So of course we didn't mind taking care of her while her keepers are out of town.

Our home tends to be a bit on the cold side, as we don't have windows that ever face the sun, and we live right near a creek. The second Ruby walked in she started shivering like it was freezing in here, I cuddled her up in a blanket on the sofa and she calmed down, but every time she got up, after a few min she was shivering again, so I turned to google. There had to be a super quick n easy Free pattern up somewhere and sure enough there was!

Comes with some simple instructions as well.
Although I didn't follow them at all, they might be helpful to you if you need them.

I sized the pattern to the measurements of Ruby, then Cut and sewed. Done in like 20 min. So simple!
But of course I had to get FReaky Fab by adding a Monster High Skullet!
Made out of Stiff felt and hand embroidered onto the sweater - this took me 2 1/2 hours - did it while watching Transformers - Dark of the moon.

IF you don't feel up to making your own MH skullet patch, you can always try to find a cool skull patch on Etsy. [OR other places] If you have an embroidery machine you can even buy the design and machine embroider it yourself! There are a few MH applique listings on Etsy.

Monster high faboo for dogs!

I was thinking of lining the sweater, but then I got lazy, so I used a blanket stitch to finish off the arm hole hems and the bottom hem.
I think it's super cute, and Ruby likes it. I'm sure her owner will like as well, it being halloween time and all! Yay!
If not, well... it was a free sweater.


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  1. I'm so tempted now to make one for my cat :D :D xD