Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monster High crafting~

When Halloweens just around the corner, monster high craft ideas start rolling.
I've been thinking of which characters we want to be this year. Last year we were the Steins, I was thinking this year we do the Gordons, but then... maybe Bominables, since Abbey is my new Fav girl and my Squishie monster just loves wearing those fur boots!

I've had several requests for more Monster High inspired clothing, costumes, hats and doll outfits, that I'll working to bring some more items to my Etsy shop soon!

So keep a look out!

Abbey Bominable Tutu

Frankie's Tutu

Toddler MH hat

MH Funky fur~

Frankie funky hat

Frankie RAgdoll wig -Toddler

Draculaura's top hat


Spectra Costume

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