Monday, October 17, 2011

Mr. Thornton -Biteology Theacher

Mrs. Thornton by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

AFter a few RP's where I mention Ms. Thronton as the biteology teacher, I started to think about giving her more personality and a face, so here she is.

Ms. Thornton is daughter of the Thorn monster.
[who stars in a 1987 comic called Ewoks ]

She is one of youngest, if not the youngest, professor at MonsterHigh, being only 28yrs old.

Her killer style is Rockabilly, leaning a bit more towards the burlesque and pin up fashion side. She is both intelligent, beautiful and loves to rock out, driving all the boys in school Gaga for Thorn. She's also modest and loves to give compliments so even the girls like to be on her A-list.
Tara Thornton, is also a student herself, attending Ewoks Shadowstone University for her PhD. In Biteology.
Her door is always open to any students who need help with anything or just need someone to talk to.

Mrs. Thornton graduated from Monsterhigh and continued her education at Mount Thunderstone College, Graduating with a B.S. in Parasitology and B.S in Toxicology.
She further continued her education at Ewoks Shadowstone University where she graduated with a M.S in Multidiciplinary Biteology and continues to attend the university with the hopes of Graduating in the next couple of years with her PhD. in Biteology.

Previous Work:
Before landing her job at Monster High, Tara Thornton worked as a Florist in Little Flowers of Horror.
She worked there for a year and a half, excelling to Manager position after only 2 months.
After falling head over heels for Xavier, her Corporate Horror Boss, she decided to quit her job to avoid any Drama. To her demise, Xavier dumped her shortly after, learning that dating her so she would quit was the plan all along.

After a few weeks of feeling defeated and heartbroken, she finally managed to get a job at the Botanical Gardens of mishap where she worked until she graduated and landed her job among the freakafull Monster High Faculty. She couldn't be happier... well she could.... if Monster Right suddenly walked into her life.


Quote: "Biteology is a cemetery of dead ideas" -- Mrs. Thornton

Hobbies: Tara loves to Garden and create beautiful arrangements out of fresh cut flowers.

More info on her soon~
Thanks for reading!


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