Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patrick Wize - FearArts TEacher

After giving Mrs. Thornton a personality, I decided my FearARts teacher, Mr. Wize needed a face as well. So here he is.

Name: Patrick Wize
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown - A figment of your imagination.
Specialty: Instilling fear in humanity - Although he needed a day job so he took a position at Monster High as a Art instructer. AFter all someone needs to teach these Monster Teens the Art of Fear.

Classes: FearArt, History of FearARt, and runs an after school program: Worse Dreams come True Fine FearARts Club

Previous Work: Was working in politics, trying to get to the white house and become a step closer to ruling the world with Fear. After he was defeated in a presidential election by a single vote, he settled on handing out balloons at Neverland Ranch until he stumbled upon monster high.

Killer Style:
Any twisted combination of fashion is right up his alley. Anything clolorful, add a hint of blood and a Ting of sexy; that says MR. Wize. Scary is funny - and who says you can't look good while doing it.

FAvorite Food: Children who fear

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people stop believing.

Hobbies: Besides scaring children he does like to draw - children who are scared.

Top Students:

- He favors other killer clowns. The are they only ones who get his jokes.

Here he is at the Beach~

Mr. Wize -Gloom Beach by ~Catzilerella on deviantART

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