Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ursula De'Kraken

Ursula De'Kraken by *Catzilerella on deviantART

Daughter of the colassal octopus
Age: 17

Killer style:
Its a bit on the goth side, but I can pretty much pull off anything as long as I have my fishnets.

Freaky flaw:
My tentacle hair sometimes has a mind of its own, acting as devious arms
stealing things or hitting people, which usually gets me into alot of trouble.

Favorite color:
I like the colors purple and light green- especially when combined with black.

Favorite food:
I love wontons stuffed with cream cheeze and crab filling.

Favorite activity:
I like swings. Thats not something we get to do down under and its so amazing!
My favorite thing to do under the sea is finding sunken ships to chill at and read the latest R.L. Stien books.

Favorite school subject:
Home ick- It might not seem likely but I enjoy baking! And I like Teasing Deuce.

Least favorite school subject:
History of the dead- it needs to liven up. Its such a drag. Though I do find the Egyptian section rather interesting.

Pet Peeve:
When people try to connect me to the Ursula from that horrid Disney interpretation of the Lil Mermaid. Normies always want a happy ending, but here at MH I think we all know that the Prince marries the Princess and the human wanabe desolves into sea foam.
And it's just a coincidence that I like wearing black flowing dresses.
Can't two people in this world have the same name, and similar styles. Geeesh!



This character was inspired by my latest adopted doll off ebay, who came to me with this lovely face up and some sloppy tentacles for hair. It was a WIP sale.
I decided to keep her as a Kraken kid.

I'm in the middle of a move, and she arrived just as we got to our new home.
I adore her face, she definitely brought a smile to mine. I had been unpacking my costumes that day and came across my Ursulal WIP cosplay I started last year which got me putting in 'The Little Mermaid' which also happened to be sitting on top of the CD pile. My daughter and I watched it during lunch, which I also started to think of the profile characteristics for this new doll and after jotting down some ideas, I decided that Ursula was the best name for a Kraken child, so there you have it.
I might of pulled off a little too much inspiration from Disney's Ursula, but That's because I love her. XD

I haven't unpacked all my craft things or set up my sewing corner, but I did find this airdry clay, so I attempted to give her some tentacle hair.
When I first got her I noticed her head is really wobbly, I wasn't sure why until I tried to do the tentacle hair myself. Even though it's lightweight, it's really heavy on her head, so needless to say, she's top heavy and has this head tilt pose up on my self right now.
I'm not sure I really did this tentacle hair any justice, but I'm hoping it'll look much cooler once I color it, and try to add some suction cups.


My tentacle hair attempt

Isn't her face just cute! To bad my Camera crapped out on me after halloween - who knows when I'll have money to take it to get fixed. T_T

<3 Adopted

It'll probably be a while before I get any more proggress on her, since I have to catch up on my work but stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


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