Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wave 2 - Catzi's Diary

Now that I've been back into monster high, more so than before, inspiring me to write up more original characters and even attempt to draw them! I've been doing so much more with monster high, and theres so much more that I want to do. More drawings, more stories, but most importantly more crafty tutorials! I hope to have more time sooner rather than later.
With all the new MH OC related things I want to do, I still go back to Catzi! <3 She's my favorite OC of course, she's the closest one to me personally.

Being that it's been over a year since I introduced Catzilerella as a New Monster high student, I thought it be nice to give her a "second wave" Diary! ^_~

You can read the first one here
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Sept 26
I have to admit the past couple of weeks just spend on by. At first I was really bummed that Magna never came to visit, but I have made several friends and they've helped me just forget about it. Not that I've really mentioned him, and why should I when he can't even return my calls. RAAWRRR! I feel stupid for feeling the way I did about him, and I guess this is the last time I mention it mainly because there's a new love in the air! *swoon*
I ran into the cutest boy at school this morning. Of course I totally embarrassed myself and ended up running away beet red, but I got to see him again after school... in De-Dungeon.
We were both late to class after our first run-in.
He has the most captivating eyes, the perfect blue skin tan, and his wild black hair that I'm just dying to run my fingers through. He doesn't speak much though, at all. His lips are stitched up, since his voice is deadly to most. I'm not sure if I could stand his yelping, but he communicates just fine through texting and tablet scribe. He wrote me, he thought I was freakishly stunning which made my cheeks feel like they were on fire. I didn't really know what to say after that, not that we were saying anything at all. I hope to get to see him again soon!

Sept 29

I was talking to Celeste and Camile about Drake, the Blue skinned hottie, and they told me I should see if he knows sign language. They tried to teach me a few things and during lunch I went into the library to check out a book. I sat there and studied it the whole hour. Once the fear bell rang, I was so into the book that I slid my chair back carelessly bumping into Prince Stiching! Just my luck, however he smiled at me sweetly and noticed my book, so he started to sign something, which I didn't quite catch, but I thought he said to meet him after school, after the swimTeam practice. I must of gotten something wrong because I waited outside the gym for almost an hour and he never showed. I started to walk home just as it began to pour. What a bummer.

Sept 30th

I tried to avoid Drake in school today, but I could feel his eyes on my back in Clawculus. As soon as he tried to communicate with me after class I took a dash for the door. It's not that I didn't want to talk with him, it's just that I already felt really silly and I didn't want to give myself another reason to feel worse. I avoided him in the halls, trying to hide behind Saphira who gushed on about how she thought I had a crush on him. Thankfully a few girls grabbed his attention and I sneaked by dragging Saphira along with me. I told her he probably wasn't interested in me, what, with all the girls I was sure he had lined up. A few of them for sure in the swim team. Lagoona told me he was the talk of the locker room for a whole week. Saphira tried to cheer me up by telling me I would be the best catch, but I find that hard to believe.

Oct. 2nd

I guess I can't avoid Drake forever and it's a good thing I didn't!
I was sitting alone for lunch today, and he came over to me. Turns out he wasn't asking me to meet him after swimteam, he was asking IF I had swimteam practice, which I said yes to - thinking that yes, was him meeting me after swimteam practice. I'm such a fool!
After it was cleared up we laughed about it for a while and then he offered to help me practice the signing. And Guess what! He also invited me out on a date! It all happened so fast, I barley remember how it all happened. I need to start logging by the hour!

[more entries soon]

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