Monday, December 12, 2011

Manster Auctions - The awkward date

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I hesitantly dump the money in the urchin bowl on Blue's table. I'm going to pay Laura back even if Gojira kills me.

"So your the lucky girl" I recognize the pompous tone as Logans and respond without looking back at him.
"More like I'm out 1500$ bucks." I start to head for my bag and sweater at a lone table near the one of the exists, quickly looking back to see if Logan was following only to find that he was not. He was standing there looking at me wondering what he could of done to deserve such a cold remark.
I half roll my eyes and skim through my phone as if I had something important to look at, then decide to walk back.

"Sorry, that was rude, I just... was kinda pressured into this whole thing. It was a bad idea, you know, we don't have to do anything." I ramble on. He lifts one of his eyebrows giving me a curious look which also made him look so darn cute. URGH.
"What do you mean? You paid good money, I should do something, What about a movie?"
I look past Logan to see Mei collecting all her mansters, pulling Drake along like a puppet.
I put on a smiling face and let out a gentle giggle as the group walks past,
"Love it! Logan your so sweet!" I chirp loudly, trowing my arms around Logan and giving him a good exaggerated hug. The look on Mei's face was enough to make this whole thing worth it, I just want her to be jealous, even if it was just for a second. Though the look of resentment flashed across her face the whole walk out the door. A real grin creeped out my lips as I continued to hang on Logan who out of a stroke of luck was also smiling!

"wow, I didn't think anyone would be so excited about a movie?" He asks as I pull away feeling slightly embarrassed.
"Well you know! I just love a good movie" I trow my hands together and do a lil wiggle trying to keep up the enthusiasm.
He lets out a gently giggle, "I see."
I can feel myself start to turn red, and was relieved to feel my phone vibrating on my wrist so I'd have a reason to tune out. I always have my phone in my hand, and for my B-day one of my good friends made me this kawaii stretchy cellphone band with several cute food charms on it. Made my phone carrying much more convenient. Now I just wear it as a bracelet.

Draculaura: I saw that!!!
Me: What?
Draculaura: Your blushing!
Me: shuuussssshhhhhhhh

I quickly try to fluff my pigtails, my phone charms tangling in my locks. I have a tendency to play with my hair when I feel nervous, though having a phone with a ton of charms as a bracelet makes it a bad idea.

"You need some help?" Logan asks.
"Nope, just... fixing my hair" I let out a high strung giggle, setting my phone down after freeing it from the hair and wrapping my pigtails up into buns "There."

He smiles at me as I head over to my stuff,
"So, this weekend then? Friday sounds good?" He asks following.
"um.. Yeah, sure." I say sliding my loose locks behind my fin ears, a few strands sliding back towards my face as I sling my bag on my shoulder.
"We can meet right after school" I say, and he nods.
There's an awkward silence between us as we both stand there for a moment. I was avoiding eye contact, though I could feel he was looking right at me, maybe waiting for me to look him in the eye.
"Sounds good" He says, and just as my eyes finally meet his, he flashes me a charming smile, that could of melted hearts miles away.
I could feel myself floating off into lala land, Oh stop it CAtzi! Get a grip! I think to myself heading off to my next class.


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