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Manster Auctions - Save the Seahorses

This is a fanfic I wrote inspired by MHScreamQueen's 'Date with DRaculogan' Contest.

Also inspired by a show on the National GEo channel I watched the other day - which covered conserving the Seahorse species and their ecosystem.

OC Characters mentioned or used:


"Hey Mate" Lagoona waves me down from across the creepateria.
She mentioned something about hosting an event during Lunch today, something about saving Seahorses. It all went in one ear and out the other, too distracted with the fact that just yesterday I was dumped, at least that's the negative perspective, but there's nothing fun about a break up. Honestly I didn't think I'd be giving the whole situation any second thoughts, it's not like I was feeling to into the relationship myself. Then again, we only gave it about a week. I didn't think I had to feel serious about it. I was just having fun, I thought he was too. I guess my spirit is a little broken, but I'm keeping my head high and struting down to Blue's table.

"Hey Ghoul, What's going on?"
I scan her booth, trying to quickly get up to date on the event.
"I told you! Manster Auction, just trying to save the sea, one speices and ecosystem at a time!"
She boosts,
"Yeah" I nod, "The seahorses"
"Right Mate, Sadly the Seahorse is not officially listed on the endangered species list because of the human popularity in the hobby and medicine industries, but at least there are some groups out there trying to conserve the nature of these magnificent creatures, and today we are here to help by raising money to contribute and show our support"
I nod again, going over the names on the participant list. I notice Paxtons name was on there. That Goof ! No one's going to bid on him. I've known him since we were kids, we live in the same waters. His Dad works for some silly dark lord named Zed who thinks he can take over the world. Oh Evil-doers! I don't understand the need to take over this dirt planet. When people get on my nerves I just grow a few meters and step on them, but I definitely don't think that classifies me as some super adversary. I"m just a monster, and I want to do what I want, when I want - like most people anyways, they only difference is that if anyone gets in my way, I will really crush them. I start to smile.
"See a name on there you like? Perhaps one that starts with the letter L" Draculaura was holding a sign over her head with a picture of her cousin Logan. I can't help but roll my eyes as she begins to chimney the sign in my direction.
"You know you want a date with Logan!" She playfully bumps her hip into me as she dances across.

"OH yesss!" I start with sarcasm, "Just dying for that cold kiss" I say with the least amount of enthusiasm I can manage.
Blue makes her way around the table, patting Laura on the shoulders, "Your creeping to the wrong Ghoul, CAtzi has a hot Manster of her own. He's the talk of the girls Swimteam!" She goes over her list, "I'm so surprised he's not listed here"
"Who" Laura asks taking a look at the list herself.
"Drake Mann" Blue continued looking over to me and winking, "Keeping him all to yourself eh?"

I hadn't told any of my ghoulsfriends that our relationship came to a quick end, I can feel my cheeks turning red.
"Gil told me you guys started going steady - that's so sweet"
So much for news traveling fast,
"No, ... um.. I... well. We ...were, but-"
Suddenly Laura is right up at my waist giving me a squinted look.
"What?" I say with a slight forced smile, I'm really starting to feel awkward here.
"So now your not?! and you think your too up there to buy a date with my cousin? Not even for the greater good?!"
I take a step back, confused, "what?! up where?" Was she making a tall joke? Maybe I offended her with my sarcasm earlier, but really. She parades around her cousin like he's the best thing that happened to monster high. Not to mention Logans older brother was some kind of Monster High star when he was coming here. It's not like we haven't heard enough about Draculaura's family. Everyone thinks he's just this purfect guy but he was totally rude when I ran into him at the maul one day.

I was doing some shoe shopping, which I tend to do a lot of with my heavy stomping, I need new shoes at least every two weeks. Lagoona and I were getting dehydrated so we stopped for a drink at the coffee bean. She had to take a break in a hydration chamber, but I went on to order drinks and food. While I was waiting for my order to be served, I noticed Logan walk in with his buds. He was walking in my direction so I decided to wave and just as he was approaching me I started to greet him, with hellos, and how are you, but I was practically talking to myself as he pretty much just looked right through me. I'm a pretty big girl to look through so I guess I took quite a bit of offence, especially after he stopped to talk to Lagoona as she emerged from the water rooms.

"Calm down Ula" Frankie Joins in.
"Ya, it's not like he's the only guy in the Auction" Clawdeen finishes. "Plus, Clawd is a much better buy, he won't try to suck your blood" she mumbles the last part to me as Laura was already showing that she didn't appreciate Clawdeens comments.
I think Clawdeen does a good job at masking the fact that she's not really all that crazy about Laura dating her brother and the idea of outbidding Draculaura on Clawd was entertaining me, but I tried to hold back my smirks.

"So, wait, You and Drake Broke up?" Frankie asks making a pouty face. Great. I thought we were off this subject, I nod to confirm their suspicions and become overwhelmed with oohs and awwws.

"What? I though you guys were so cute together" Chimes Clawdeen.
The smile I was forcing starts to fade,
"What happened?" Laura was suddenly concerned.
I shrug my shoulders,
"I don't know. I. ... Guess. I. We didn't really click-"

I didn't want to go into details, because well, there were none. I mean it just happened this way and I don't know why and I don't feel like trying to figure out why plus,
"We're still friends" I finish.
Or maybe because I weigh a few tons, and I'm crazy tall, and I have bad atomic breath that I can't always control. ... I think to myself feeling my self-esteem going down the drain.

"Good, cuz here he comes" Says Frankie.
I turn around to see Drake entering the creepateria with Mei following closely behind. She notices me and starts to hang all over his arm. I clench my jaw, but try hard not to let it show that her exaggerated affections were bothering me.
"Rub it in why don't you" Clawdeen mutters, as we watch the couple take a seat at a table near the creepateria stage. Drake spots me and gives a slight wave. I nod my head in acknowledgement sporting a weak smile.

"ARGHHH! That Sea Witch! Did you see what she did there?" Clawdeen continues to grumble.
I shrug my shoulders yet again and slump down into a chair behind Blue's Save the Seahorses booth, "It's not a big deal. Really."

"Uh-Huh" Laura gives me a blank stare, " I saw your heart sink as she threw herself all over him" The others nod.
I sigh, "It's like ... whatever, you know. You can't always win"
"Yes you can!" Exclaims Laura, "Just outbit everyone on Logan"
I roll my eyes again,
"Why are you so against my cousin?"

Well no, I wouldn't really tell her why I'm against her cousin, she would think I'm over exaggerating, that there's some logical explanation as to why he blew me off that day at the maul- I'd sure love to hear it, if he could even remember.

"It's not that I"m against him," I say grabbing the list from Blue, "It's just... There's tons of guys here to choose from"

"Teachers too" Blue points out, "Mr. Wize in particular" She nudges me and I start to Blush.


"NO!" I exclaim, trying to get out of the spotlight, "I mean he's goodlooking for an old guy,"
"Not to mention his Rocking body" Clawdeen adds, and we all giggle.
"but isn't that just akward, going on a date with a teacher?!" I ask,

"Well it doesn't have to be a date. You could make him carry your books all week or make him wear something funky. I mean whoever you bid on, it doesn't have to be an akward date. Just something fun" Blue quickly explains before making her way over to the stage where Bloodgood is getting ready to make an introductory speech.
Draculaura takes a seat next to me, "Its true that he's not the only one on there, but lets face it, he's the most popular. If you want to get under Drakes' skin, OR better Mei's skin, Logan is the guy to bid on" She nods at me as I grumble, I don't want to get under his skin I think looking over at Mei who had her hand on Drakes Leg flashing a venomous look back at me. But maybe I do want to get under her skin. I let out a long sigh, "That just seems childish" I say. She gives a cute Humph sound and a slight shrug before jumping to her feet and moving closer to the stage.
My phone vibrates to notify me of a new text, It's Paxton.

Paxton: Hey, Can you bid on me?
Catzilerella: LOLOL Why are you up there?
Paxton: Come on! I gota go for at least $100
Catzilerella: What makes you think I have that kind of money.
Paxton: Because your socks cost more than that.
Catzilerella: Do not! lol

Paxton takes his place center stage, an I drag myself closer to the front. Guess I should try to be a good friend. I was just about to place a $20 bid, when Mei puts down $50. My mouth practically drops, what does she want Paxton for? I look over at her to find that she's already staring me down. Oh no. This is totally personal.
I put my bid in for $100 and she goes for $200. Now she's starting to piss me off. By the time the bid reached $500 I decide to just let it go. AFter all Gojira will kill me if he knew I spent money on Paxton. I slam my fist into a table as Mei glances my way with a killer victory smile. Realizing that I made a scene I slowly sit down, wrapping my tail around my legs for comfort. What a- My thoughts are interrupted by Laura who slides a wad of cash under my hand.
"Whats this?"
"Just win Logan" She says,
"What about Clawd?"
"Don't worry, he'll be mine" She winks and skips off.

I weigh the options at hand, I don't really want to bid on Logan, but through out the auction Mei kept biding on and won several other mansters including Mr. Wize. What is she up to with all these guys? I wondered what Drake was thinking, but from what I could tell he was also having a good time, sitting there laughing it up with her. We just broke up yesterday, Are they even dating? I wonder. Before I could realize Logan was on stage and his bid was already going for $500. I flip through the wad of cash Laura offered me and without giving it another thought I trow in my own bids. And Guess what?! A whopping $1,435 later, Logan is mine.


To be continued!!! Stay tuned!

Late for the movies. by *Catzilerella on deviantART

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